Stanhopea frymirei Dodson 1975 SUBGENUS Stanhopea SECTION Wardii

Another Clone Photo by Patricia Harding.

Another Flower? Photo by Dale Borders.

Disected Flower Photo by E Schnurr

Common Name Frymire's Stanhopea [American Botanist late 20th century]

Flower Size 6" [15 cm]

Ecuador in Manabi and Guayas departments on hilltops mostly epiphytic but sometimes on steep roadbanks as a terrestrial - Alt 50-500 meters - Flowers in Summer and Autumn - High humidity and bright light - Warm

Found in Western Ecuador in wet montane forests at elevations of 25 to 500 meters on the summits of coastal mountains with ribbed, ovate, dark green pseudobulbs carrying a single, apical, plicate, broadly elliptic, acute, gradually narrows below into the elongate petiolate base leaf that blooms in the summer and fall on a pendant, racemose, 12" [30 cm] long, few to several [5 to 9] flowered inflorescence partially enveloped by large chartaceous bracts with large, fragrant flowers.

Synonyms Stanhopea insignis var. alba hort. ex Linden 1853; Stanhopea insignis var. atropurpurea hort. ex Loddiges 1844; Stanhopea insignis var. atrorubens hort. ex Henshall; Stanhopea insignis var. flava hort. ex Lodd. 1835; Stanhopea insignis var. fulva hort. ex Loddiges 1844; Stanhopea insignis var. guttata hort. ex Henshall 1845; Stanhopea insignis var. leucochila Lemaire 1847; Stanhopea insignis var. lutea hort. ex Loddiges; Stanhopea insignis var. major hort. ex Loddiges 1844; Stanhopea insignis var. obscura hort. ex Loddiges 1844; Stanhopea insignis var. pallida hort. ex Loddiges 1844; Stanhopea insignis var. punctata hort. ex Heynhold 1846; Stanhopea insignis var. speciosa hort. ex Hoffmannsegg; Stanhopea insignis var. superba hort. ex Planchon 1858

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