Stelis superbiens Lindl. 1859 SUBGENUS Stellata SECTION Monostachyae Duque 2008

Photo by Lourens Grobler and hisFlickr Orchid Photo Webpage


Photo by Dr. Jeanette Rilling


Drawing by Carl Luer and Selbyana 32(1,2): 85 Luer & Vasquez 2018


Common Name The Really Nice and Large Stelis

Flower Size .4" to .6" [1 to 1.5 cm]

Found in Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia Venezuela, Ecuador and Peru at elevations of 1000 to 2000 meters as a medium to just large sized, warm to cool growing,, epiphyte with stout, erect, close set ramicauls enveloped basally by 2 basal sheaths and another inflated one in the upper third and carrying a single, apical, erect, coriaceous, elliptic-oblong, obtuse, tridentate, cuneate below into the short conduplicate petiolate base leaf that blooms on an erect to arched, racemose, disitchous, to 18" [45 cm] long including the 2 to 4" [5 to 10 cm] long, laxly simultaneously several to many, many flowered inflorescence arising through a conduplicate spathe with infundibular floral bracts that cover the majority of the pedicel.

Many references include S leucopogon as a synonym but I have left it and its synonyms separate for now.

"Among the many species of Stelis section Stelis, the flowers of Stelis aguirreae from Ecuador are some of the largest known, with sepals nine to ten millimeters long and wide with nine or more veins. The plant is large with thick, robust ramicauls and an elliptical leaf that is surpassed by a successively flowered raceme with a few to several immense flowers open simultaneously. They are rivaled in size by some flowers of clones of the widely distributed Stelis superbiens Lindl., which is distinguished by an apiculate margin of the lip, instead of minutely notched as in S. aguirreae." Luer 2012

Synonyms Stelis cascajalensis Ames 1923; Stelis convallarioides Garay 1956; Stelis eximia Ames 1923; Stelis koehleri Schltr. 1912; Stelis propinqua Ames 1923

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