Stelis tenuicaulis Lindl. 1859 SECTION Humboldtia

Plant and Flowers

Photos by S Manning


TYPE Drawing by Carl Luer and Selbyana 32(1,2): 115 Luer & Vasquez 2018

Common Name The Slender Inflorescence Stelis

Flower Size

Found in Peru and La Paz department Bolivia at elevations around 2900 meters as a small sized, cold growing, ascending, shortly repent epiphyte with an ascending rhizome giving rise to an erect, slender ramicaul enveloped by 2 tubular sheaths and carrying a single, apical, erect, coriaceous, narrowly elliptical-oblong to oblong, acute, gradually narrowing below into the petiolate base leaf that blooms in the spring and summer on 1 to 2, erect, slender, distichous to subsecund, laxly, 6.8" [17 cm] long including the 1.4" [3.5 cm] long peduncle, mostly simultaneously many flowered inflorescence arising through a spathe with cucullate, acuminate, as long as to shorter than the pedicel floral bracts and carrying flowers with greenish white, glabrous sepals, red petals and a red lip.

"Stelis tenuicaulis Lindl. was described from a Bolivian collection by Bridges, but it is very similar to a more frequent and widely distributed taxon, S. brittoniana Rolfe. Because of the distinctive appearance of the flowers with acute sepals, it is being maintained separately. This species is distinguished by an ascending, repent rhizome, slender ramicauls usually distinctly longer than the leaves, and an acute, narrow leaf that is surpassed by a many-flowered raceme. The dorsal sepal is acute at the tip and the lateral sepals are connate into an acute synsepal. Similar to that of Stelis brittoniana, the lip is smooth below a rounded bar." Luer & Vasques 2018

Synonyms Stelis ascensor C.Schweinf. 1951; Stelis curvicarina C.Schweinf. 1951

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