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5 Stars, A must have for every orchid grower4 Stars, A great specialty book to add to an orchid book collection, good for most growers 3 stars, good books with limited use. Only good for specific species or genera. 2 stars, A book that is interesting but not essential to an orchid library. 1 Star, I don't really use it and if you could, write me, I'll sell.

A Guide to the Orchids Of the World

By Hodgson, Paine, and Anderson

Published by Angus

This book covers 450 species with full color photographs in 97 Genera. It has cultural notes as well as line drawings of the type species that the genus is based on. Seed propagation, classification, and pests and diseases are also discussed in this authorative guide useful to the beginner and more advanced grower.

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Orchids

by Alec Pridgeon.

Published by the Timber Press

I use this book and The Manual of Cultivated Orchid Species more than any other just for the sheer volume of genera and species. This book contains 300 genera with photos of 1000 species and discussions on another 100. It contains practical information on habitats and methods of cultivation. All in all I feel that this book is a must for the beginner and the expert.

Native Colombian Orchids Volumes 1 - 6

Published by Editorial Colina

By the Colombian Orchid Society

Anyone that collects new world orchids should know about these books. The first 4 volumes contain color photos of 707 species in 146 genera. Colombia has reported 205 genera found within it's borders so the fifth volume adds 37 genera previously not discussed. It also has 326 more species that were not discussed in the previous volumes. Volume 6 as of yet is still not available but I am sure that it will contain the remaining 22 genera not previously discussed plus many new species. These books have the best photographs of orchids overall that I have seen. The text discusses the discovery and discoverer of each genus and it makes for a good read. Cultural notes are a bit scarce but it does give a climate zone for each species that it describes.

Native Ecuadorian Orchids Vol 1 - 5

Vol1 - 6

Published by Published by Editorial Colina

The Manual Of Cultivated Orchid Species

By Bechtel, Cribb and Launert

Published by The MIT Press

Wow! A must have for all growers, 864 color photos of species and notes on many more. A great ID book. It also has a chapter on Orchid classification with the complete orchid family tree, a chapter on flower morphology, cultivation, hybridisation and orchid conservation and ecology. It also has a section on plant synonyms which comes in handy as many orchid dealers use antiquated names.

An Introduction to the Cultivated Angraecoid Orchids of Madagascar

by Hillerman and Holst

Published by the Timber Press

If you grow Angraecum, Aerangis, Aeranthes, Jumellea, Sobennikoffia, Neobathiea, Oeonia, or Oeoniella then this is the book for you. Culture, hybridizing, synonyms and awarded plants are all discussed in this book with color pictures and line drawings of the Madagascan angraecoids.

Field Guide to the Orchids of Costa Rica And Panama

By Robert L Dressler

Published by Comstock Cornell

This book is setup for taxonomic identification with keys to all genera in the area and most species. The book is illustrated with 240 color photographs and 229 line drawings and is written in a layman freindly style. A good book on the orchids of southern Central America.

Orchids of Jamaica

BY A Gloudon and C Tobisch

Published by The Press, University of the West Indies

This book covers 51 genera and has 240 species; more than half of the known species found in Jamaica. Line drawings or photos are included with the discussions of each species. A great field guide if you are visiting Jamaica as it gives locations where plants can be found.

Notes on Cirrhopetalum Lindl.

By Gunnar Seidenfadden

Shiva Offset Press 1987

Seidenfadden attempts to address the difficulties of keeping Cirrhopetalum Lindl. separate from Bulbophyllum Thou. Notes and line drawings of most of Asia's Cirrhopetalum with botanical descriptions and elevations of where the plants were collected. A must for the Cirrhopetalum, Bulbophyllum addict and along with the following book Orchid Genera in Thailand VIII Bulbophyllum Thou. are a difficult must to obtain as they have been out of print for years.

Orchid Genera in Thailand VIII Bulbophyllum Thou.

By Gunnar Seidenfadden

Bishen Singh Mahendra Pal Singh 1990

The Thai Bulbophyllum species in depth with line drawings of the plants and flowers and collecting notes of the locations and elevations of the species range. Reprinted from the original Dansk Botanisk Arvik 1979 edition.

The Royal Horticultural Society Sander's List of Orchid Hybrids

Volumes 1-8

All registered hybrids with their parents and who registered them and when. It also contains a list of genera abreviations and a list of what natural genera make up hybrid genera. A must for all that want to establish a breeding program. It is also handy for the average grower to see what makes up your favorite hybrids which helps with coming up with a plants cultural requirements.

An Introduction to the Orchids Of Mexico

By Andrew Wiard

Published by Comstock Cornell

This book covers 60 genera and 156 species of the possible 800 found in Mexico with 300 color photos. It includes locations as well as the type of habitat the plant is found, and gives a layman's description of the plant instead of the nomenclature rich botanical descriptions. I think if I lived in an area that could support intermediate to cool plants that this book would recieve a 3 star rating.

Orchids Of Brazil

By Jim & Barbara McQueen

Published by Timber Press

This paperback book contains descriptions of 300 species and varieties, each accompanied by a color photograph, plant description with actual flower size, botanical name and history and suggestions for cultivations.

Orchids Care and Cultivation

By Leroy-Terquem & Parisot

Published by Blandford

Orchid Species Culture, Pescatorea, Phaius, Phalenopsis, Pholidota, Phragmipedium, Pleione

By Margaret and Charles Baker

Published by Timber Press

This book along with the next one on dendrobiums are huge fonts of raw information. The authors have found the nearest weather station to each species range and give the average temperatures, rainfall amount and when they flower . This helps in getting a feel for the enviroment of the plant that you are interested in growing. If used correctly I hope it should prevent me from trying to grow plants that are far removed from the environment that I can provide them with.

Orchid Species Culture, Dendrobiums

By Margaret and Charles Baker

Published by Timber Press

Dendrobium as a genus is the second largest in the orchid family and they are spread over half the globe and live in most of the earth's climates. This book helps in deciphering the culture for a specific species and helps in knowing when to expect a bloom.

Orchid Speceis Culture Oncidium/Odontoglossum Alliance


Published by Timber Press 2005

Flora of Madagascar

H. Perrier de la Bathie

Republished by Beckman 1981

The Cattleyas and Their Relatives Vol 1-7

Carl Withner

Timber Press

Icones Pleurothallidinarum Vol.1 - 25

Carl Luer

Missouri Botanical Garden

The Genus Paphiopedilum Vol 1-3

Baker & Braem

Timber Press

Orchids Of Venezuela [The Field Guide] Vol 1-2

Dunsterville & Garay

Botanical Museum Of Harvard

Manual Of Orchids

Joyce Stewart

Royal Horticultural Society


Martin Motes

Timber Press

An Introduction to the Orchids of South Africa

E.A.C.L.E. Schelpe

Published by Macdonald 1966

The World Of Catasetum

Arthur Holst

Timber Press

Orchidaceae Antillanae

Mark Nir

DAG Media Publishing

Icones Orchidacearum Peruvianum

By Bennett & Christensen

Privately published

Icones Orchidacearum Fascile 1, Orchids of Mexico Part 1

By Hagsater & Salazar

Drawings of Florida Orchids

By Ames

Botanical Museum Cambridge Mass.

The orchids of Florida

By Carl Luer

New York Botanical Garden

The Orchids Of Bolivia - Pleurothallidinae

By Vasquez & Ibisch

Fan Bolivia Editorial

The Orchids of Borneo Vol 2

By Vermeulen

Published by Kew Gardens

The Genus Encyclia in Mexico

By Dressler & Pollard

Published by Associacion Mexicana de Orquideologia 1974

The Orchids of Kenya

By Stewart & Campbell Timber Press

Wild Orchids Across North America

By Keenan

Published by Timber Press

African Orchids in the Wild and in Cultivation

By Lacroix

Published by the Timber Press

Lowland Orchids Of Papua and New Guinea

By Peter O'Byrne

Published by SNP Publishers Singapore

A to Z of South East Asian Orchid Species

By Peter O'Byrne

Published by The Orchid Society of East Asia/ Singapore

The Slipper Orchids Of Vietnam

By Leonid Averanov, Philipp Cribb, Phan Ke Loc and Nguyen Tien Hiep

Published by Timber Press

A Field Guide to the Wild

By Nantiya Vaddhanaphuti

Published by Silkworm Books Orchids Of Thailand 2001

Malawi Orchids Vol 1 The Epiphytes

By Isobyl La Croix

Published by The National Fauna Preservation Society of Malawi 1983

Flora Brasilena Vol 12/7 Orchidaceas

F.C. Hoehne 1953

Published by the Secretaria de Agricultura Brasilera

Manual of Cultivated Orchids

By Alex Hawkes

Published by Faber & Faber 1987

Botanicas Orchids

By Botanica

Published by Laurel Glen 2002

The Orchids of the Philippines

By Jim Cootes

Published by Timber Press 2002

Indian Orchids: Guide to Identification and Culture Vol 1

By Udai C. Pradhan

Published by Udai C. Pradhan 1976

Die Orchideenfloren der sudamekanischen Kordillerenstaaten Vol 1 & 2 and Drawings [The Orchids of the South America Cordiller]

By R. Schlechter 1920

Published by Dahlem bei Berlin reprinted 1974

Odontoglossum/Oncidium - Das Pflanzenreich, Regni Vegetabilis Conspectus Orchidaceae-Monandrae

By Fr Kranzlin

RePublished by Neudruck 1957

Catalogo Descriptivo de Las Orcquideas Cubana

By Julian Acuna Gale Published by Bishen Singh Mahendra Singh 1987

The Orchids Of Pennisular Malaysia and Singapore

BY Gunnar Seidenfadden

Published by Olsen & Olsen 1992

The Orchidaceae of German New Guinea

By R. Schlecter

Published by Australian Orchid Foundation 1982

Orchids Of Peru

By Charles Schweinfurth

Published by Chicago Natural Science Museum 1958

Las Orquedias de San Salvador Vol 1-3

By Fritz Hamer

Published by Ministerio de Education 1974

The Flora of Malaya Vol 1

By R. E. Holttum

Published by Government Printing Office Singapore 1957

The Astonishing Stanhopeas - The Upside Down Orchids

By Barney Greer

Published by Graphic World 1999

Icones Orchidacearum Brasilensis Vol 1

By Neto, Campacci

Published by Coordenadoria Das Associacies Orquidofilas Do Brasil

Orquideas Nativas Del Tachira

By Cesar Fernandez

Published by Loteria Del Tachira

Mis Jardinas De Orquideas

By Berta Hernandez de Ospina

Published by Tip. y Edit. Gamma 1967

Orchids of Java


Published by Kew 1990

Orchids of Cuba

Llamacho & Larimendi

Published by Greta 2005

The Orchids of the Genus Masdevallia in Colombia


Published by Asociacion Bogotana de Orquediologia Santa Fe de Bogota' 1982

Masdevallias, Gems of the Orchid World

Gerritsen & Parsons

Published by Timer Press 2005

Orchids of Sumatra


Published by Kew 2002

Orchids of Sarawak

Beaman & Wood

Published by Kew 2001

Orchids of Borneo Vol 1

Chan, Lam, Shim & Wood

Published by Kew 1994

Orchids of Borneo Vol 2


Published by Kew 1991

Orchids of Borneo


Published by Kew 2002

Orchids of Borneo


Published by Kew 2002

The Bee Orchids of Europe

Pedersen & Faurnholdt

Published by Kew 2007

The Orchids of Australia

Riley & Banks

Published by USNW Press 2002

Orquideas de la Serrania Baudo'

Misas Uretta

Published by ConCreta 2005

Flora Novo Galaciana #16


Published by UM Press 1985

The Orchids of Panama

LO Williams

Republished by MoBot 1980

The Orchids of Mexico

Hagsater, Dressler, Soto, Salazar, Jimenez & Lopez

Published by Chinoin 2005

Orquedias da Chapada Diamantina

Brito & Cribb

Published by Nova Frontiera 2006

The Dedrobiums


Published by Koeltz Scientific 2006

The Genus Coelogyne : A Synopsis


Published by Kew 2002

Phalaenopsis - A Monograph

By Eric Christenson

Published by Timber Press 2001

Orchids of Asia

BY Teoh Eng Soon

Published by Timber Press

This book has an interesting section that tells of ways orchids have been used medicinally, herbally or as an aphrodisiac. Up until the end of the nineteenth century eating the bulbs of Ophyrs fuscifura or salep, was believed to be a powerful aphrodisiac.

Miniature Orchids

Jim and Barbara McQueen

Published by Timber Press

Miniature Orchids

By Rebecca Tyson Northen

Published by Prentice Hall Press

Orchids of Guatemala and Belize

By Oakes Ames And Donovan Correl

Published by Dover

This book has lots of information but it requires a previous knowledge of plant names and taxomony. The book contains 202 line drawings of the plant as well as the flower that are helpful but otherwise a very dry book.

Orchid Growing Illustrated

By Wilma and Brian Rittershausen

Published by Blandford

This book is very interesting in that it is a picture how to book. Step by step photos of dividing, repotting, hybridizing, seed pod flasking and much much more. I like this book because of it's many practicle applications.

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