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Neptune Orchid Sales List We can ship second day air to anywhere in the United States for less than $20 for up to 3 plants. All orchids are sent potted unless otherwise stated. Florida residents must pay 6% tax Please let us know if weather is a problem for shipping in your area and we will wait for an appropriate time to ship. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American express payment for immediate deliveries. E-Mail in 2 messages with your card # in the first message and your expiration date in the second, or phone with particulars. 1-800-675-8131 10AM-5PM

  • Acropera galeatea
  • - This species formerly from the genus Gongora, is an intermediate to warm growing wire basket species from Mexico that blooms in the summer and fall. 4-6 bulb division in wire basket $25

  • Aerides odorata Lour.
  • - Tropical Himalayas, S.E. Asia, Java, S. China, Malay archipeligo and the Philippines - epiphyte -plant in a 4" wood slat basket and is a second year keiki. Sorry no photo! Fragrant! 18.00

  • Ascocentrum curvifolium [Lindley]Schlecter
  • It is found from Nepal thru China, has abundant smaller red flowers, and has a small lip. See our gold Orchid Photo section. Three inch slat baskets blooming size, actually in bloom now 4/19/98 - 22.00

  • Ceratostylus retisquama Rchb.f
  • - A nice small terete psuedobulb, it flowers from base of the psuedobulb, and grows into dense mats. It is a freeflowering plant in almost all seasons, and comes from the Philippines. Wood slat basket or cork mount. $15

  • Cirrhopetalum makoyanum
  • - One of the easiest of the Cirrhopetalum, in a 4" wood slat basket. Commonly called the daisy orchid for it's yellow daisy like flowers. 4" wood slat basket 18.00

  • Coelogyne pandurata
  • - An absolutly incredible event when it blooms, one of my all time favorites. This is a 2 bulb division of an adult plant, over 16" in length of psuedobulb and leaf, in a 6" wood slat basket. Will bloom next summer[99]. You won't regret it only one available at this time. I bought mine for $60 now to you - $35

  • Dendrobium crumenatum Swartz
  • - Commonly called the pigeon orchid it is found in SE Asia through the Phillippines at an altitude of sealevel to 2600 feet and grows warm, mounted on wood , but flowers, albeit for a few hours, with a temperature drop and rain. It has a tendency to keiki and when there are 2 small psuedobulbs and a third starting they can be broken away from the old psuedobulb and mounted to a small branch. Wood branch mounted with two attached psuedobulbs and 2-5 not attached, 3 year keiki. $10

  • Epidendrum purpurescens Focke
  • Found in Costa Rica this is a easy grower in warm to hot environments, potted and even water year round. mIt has an interesting habit of putting out keikis on top of keikis and it is easy to have 4 generations on succeding inflorescences. I always have these E-mail me to buy for $10.

  • Epidendrum schomburgkia
  • - Large 10" balls of 1 1/4" orange and yellow flowers on 3-4ft canes. An easy warm grower in 6" wood slat basket with 4-6 psuedobulbs and at least one new lead. Blooms in the winter and early spring $40

    ~Gongora galeatea - see Acropera galeatea

  • Grammatophyllum scriptum
  • - This is the yellow variety in the photo, 3" yellow flowers with brown spots on 8 ft spikes. This one opens all the way and has a nice lip and stays in bloom for close to 3 months. I got it in Hawaii and it may not be scriptum, I have seen it listed as G. mastersianum although in many books this is just a synonym of G. scriptum, but regardless this is a beauty of a giant plant. Warm growing, almost full sun, plenty of year round watering, but slow up after blooming until new growths appear. Large 4 bulb division without pot. - $50 extra $10 to ship as they are quite large.

  • Mormolyca ringens
  • - A easy warm growing Mexican species that blooms one flower to a spike consecutively over the summer and early autumn. Potted in a wood 4" slat basket and they are starting to spike right now. $15.00

  • Sobralia decora
  • A reedstem like member of the Arethuseae tribe, it grows on steep damp hillsides either as a terrestrial or epiphytic, blooms in the fall and winter for less than one day for each flower. Best grown in wooden slat boxes with intermediate to warm temperatures. Three inch pots with 2 year old keikis. $10

  • Stanhopea oculata [Lodd.]Lindley
  • Found from Mexico to Brazil it also requires a wire basket as the flowers descend from the bottom. They like semi deep shade and mine perform well in sphagnum moss with some wood chips and charcoal added.$25

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