SECTION Dendrobates [Clem & Jones] H P Wood 2006

TYPE: = Dendrobium virotii Guillaumin 1941

Synonyms Bouletia M A Clem & D L Jones 2002; *Dendrobates Clem & Jones 2002

Characterized by the apparantly smooth roots arising from a series of keiki-like stems, climbing vine like, each stem about 14" [35 cm] long, the newest leafy and can attain a height of 6.8" [2 m]. The inflorescence is erect, and carries up to 25 well spaced flowers which have a small decurved mentum, a cordate lip with small 4 pointed side lobes and a deflexed midlobe with a minimal crest.

  1. Dendrobium virotii Guillaumin 1941 New Caledonia