Epidendrum laeve Lindley 1844 GROUP Pseudepidendrum SUBGROUP Paniculatum

Flower Closeup

In situ in Valle de Cocora Quindio, Colombia 5/08 at elevations of 2400 to 2800 meters as a terrestrial on cliff above raging streamPhotos by Jay Pfahl

Part ShadeCool to Cold Fall Winter

Common Name The Smooth Epidendrum

Flower Size 1" [2.5 cm]

Found in Antioquia, Quindio, Valle De Cauca and Narino departments of Colombia at elevations of 1800 to 2200 meters as a large to giant sized, cool to cold growing epiphyte or terrestrial with erect, simple, canelike, terete, straight stems enveloped basally by tubular, non-foliaceous, scarious sheaths and carrying 13 distributed all along the apical 1/2 of the stem, alternate, articulate, subcoriaceous, oblong-lanceolate, acute, margin entire leaves that blooms in the fall and winter on a terminal, erect, paniculate; peduncle, laterally compressed thin, enveloped by 2 to 4, tubular, acute, partially imbricating sheaths, straight, 3.2 to 6" [8 to 15 cm] long; rachis terete, with 3 to 10, short, somewhat spreading, densely many flowered branches each subtended by a narrowly triangular, acuminate bract; simultaneously 50 to 180 flowered inflorescence with much shorter than the ovary, narrowly triangular, acuminate, amplexicaul floral bracts.

This species is most often refered to as E ionodesme Schlechter 1920, especially in Colombia where it occurs with the similar E hypoporphyreum with purple undersides to the leaves and E porphyreum with the leaves somewhat wider (1.5-4 cm), green and concolor; the lateral lobes of the lip are ovate-dolabriform, and the mid-lobe widely deltoid, divided into a pair of triangular lobes.

Synonyms Epidendrum ionodesme Schlechter 1920

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