Epidendrum refractoides var humile Schweinf. 1953 GROUP Philippii

Another Flower Type Photos for the new upcoming species by W Huillga and The AMO Herbaria Website

Partial shadeCold Fall

Common Name The E refractum like variety Humble Epidendrum

Flower Size

Found in Peru and "is recognized by the small plants (23 cm tall, including the inflorescence), with a single bract in the middle of the peduncle of the racemose and few-flowered (ca. 7 flowers) inflorescence; the lip is clearly 3-lobed. Epidendrum refractoides C. Schweinf. has larger plants (50-60 cm tall), with up to 4 partly imbricating bracts on the peduncle of the paniculate, many-flowered inflorescence, and a pandurate, only slightly 3-lobed lip. Epidendrum phillipii Rchb.f. has small plants, the peduncle without any bract, the lip clearly 3-lobed, with the mid-lobe emarginate, the calli small, hidden beneath the apex of the column" Hagsater Pers Comm 2017

CAUTION !!!!!! Pers Comm Hagsater states that this name actually will become a new species soon. He is still preparing the Manuscript.


References W3 Tropicos, Kew Monocot list , IPNI ; *Orchids of Peru Vol 2 Fieldiana Schweinfurth 1953 as Epidendrum refractoides var humile;