!Lycaste macrophylla (Poepp. & Endl.) Lindl. 1842 SECTION Lycaste Photo courtesy of Jay Pfahl, plant grown by JEM Orchids

FragrancePart shadeCoolTo HotSummer To Fall

Common Name The Large Leaf Lycaste

Flower Size to 4 1/2" [ to 11 cm]

A medium to large sized, cool to hot growing terrestrial species, highly variable in flower color and plant size, that is found from Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Venezuela at elevations of 400 to 2400 meters in wet montane forests with ovoid-oblong to broadly ellipsoid, complanate, sulcate, obtusely angled, pseudobulbs subtended by a few, imbricating leaf sheaths and after leaf fall has no apical teeth, carrying 2 to 3, non-deciduous, large elliptic, attenuate to channeled petiol, acuminate above, plicate leaves that blooms on a succession of erect, many [5] at once, basal, to 7" [17.4 cm] long, inflorescence that has inflated papery bracts, arising on a newly maturing pseudobulb and flowering successively over several months occurring in the summer and fall with fragrant, waxy, color variable flowers held below the leaves.

This species heads up the Lycaste macrophylla complex consisting of the species L dowiana, L fuscina, L guatemalensis, L leucantha, L macrophylla, L measuresiana, L panamensis, L puntarenasensis, L x sanderae, L viridescens, L xanthocheila, L xytriophora,

Synonyms Lycaste filomenoi Schltr. 1921; Lycaste macrophylla subsp. desboisiana (Cogn.) Fowlie 1964; Lycaste macrophylla subsp. filomenoi (Schltr.) Fowlie 1964; Lycaste macrophylla subsp. neglecta (Schltr.) Fowlie 1970; Lycaste macrophylla subsp. panamanensis Fowlie 1964 ; Lycaste macrophylla subsp. plana (Lindl.) Fowlie 1964; Lycaste macrophylla subsp. viridescens Oakeley 1991; Lycaste macrophylla var alba Oakley 2008; Lycaste macrophylla var. desboisiana Cogn. 1897; Lycaste macrophylla var. measuresianum Sander 1901; Lycaste macrophylla var. plana (Lindl.) Oakeley 2007; Lycaste neglecta Schltr. 1929; Lycaste plana Lindl. 1842; *Maxillaria macrophylla Poepp. & Endl. 1836; Maxillaria phyllomega Steud. 1841

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