SUBGENUS Madisonia There are characterized by a creeping rhizome, an abbreviated ramicaul, an elongate peduncle, a deep chinned single flower and a saccate attachment of the lip to the column

  1. Pleurothallis articulata Lindl. 1842 Brazil

  2. Pleurothallis bradei Schltr. 1922 Brazil

  3. Pleurothallis brasilica [Luer & Toscano] comb novo Pfahl 2013 Brasil

  4. Pleurothallis carrisii Brade 1951 Brazil

  5. Pleurothallis gomesii-ferreirae Pabst 1975 Brazil

  6. Pleurothallis ianthina [E.M.Pessoa & F.Barros] in ed. Brazil

  7. Pleurothallis kerrii Braga 1981 Venezuela, Peru and Brazil

  8. Pleurothallis spiculifera Lindl. 1859 Venezuela, French Guiana, Guyana, Surinam, Trinidad & Tobago, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia and Brazil