Masdevallia veitchiana Rchb.f 1868 SUBGENUS Masdevallia SECTION Masdevallia SUBSECTION Coccineae Veitch 1889

Another Flower Photos by Jay Pfahl

Another Flower Photo by Eric Hunt and His Orchid Website

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Var albescens Photo by Lourens Grobler


Common Name Veitch's Masdevallia [English Nurseryman 1800's]- In Peru Gallo-Gallo [means rooster and refers to the rooster-like red comb, crest and wattles of the flower] - The Incas call it Wajanki

Flower Size to 8" [up to 20 cm]

This small sized, cold growing terrestrial, sometimes lithophytic or rarely epiphytic, tufted species with erect leaves is found at 2000 to 4000 meters in elevation around Macchu Picchu in Peru on steep rocky slopes covered with grasses and shrubs in full sun but with the leaves protected by the grass with short ramicauls enveloped by a series of tubular bracts with a linear-oblanceolate, tapered to the channeled petiolate base, acute, thick leaf that blooms in the spring and early summer with an erect, 12 to 19" [39 to 44 cm] long, single flowered inflorescence carrying 2 distant, tubular bracts and a single inflated tubular, ovate floral bract with the long-lasting flowers held way above the leaves, and to quote Dale Borders. "The unequal color distribution apparent in Masdevallia veitchiana is accorded to the presence of minute purple hairs on the sepals which lend a prismatic visual aspect to the flower. Viewed head-on with the light behind you, the color is symetrical." Thanks Dale!

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