Pleurothallis acuminata (Kunth) Lindl. 1842 SUBGENUS Specklinia SECTION Acuminatae Luer 1986="orphotdir/pleuroacuminata.jpg">Another Flower?

Leaf and Inflorescence Photos by Walter M Shim

Another Flower? Photo by Eric Hunt

Full ShadeCool Cold Spring

Common Name The Gradually Tapering Point Pleurothallis

Flower Size .8" [2 cm]

Found in Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia at elevations of [500] 2000 to 3200 meters as a miniature to small sized, cool to cold growing epiphyte with clustered, erect to ascending ramicauls enveloped basally by 2 to 5 tubular sheaths and carrying a single, apical, erect, coriaceous, oblong, oblong-elliptic to oblong-oblanceolate, rounded to acute to apiculate, cuneate below into the short, petiolate base leaf that blooms on 1 to 2, erect to suberect, subdensely many flowered, 2.8 to 9.2" [7 to 23 cm] long, racemose inflorescence arising through a spathe.

Synonyms Anathallis acuminata (Kunth) Pridgeon & M.W. Chase 2001; Anathallis brittonii (Rolfe) Pridgeon & M.W. Chase 2001; Anathallis racemosa Barb. Rodr. 1877; *Dendrobium acuminatum Kunth 1816; Humboldtia acuminata (Kunth) Kuntze 1891; Humboldtia aurea (Lindl.) Kuntze 1891; Humboltia acuminata (Kunth) Kuntze 1891; Humboltia aurea (Lindl.) Kuntze 1891; Pleurothallis angustipetala C.Schweinf. 1953; Pleurothallis aurea Lindl. 1843; Pleurothallis brittonii Rolfe 1907; Pleurothallis nigro-hirsuta Kraenzl. 1905; Pleurothallis ochroleuca Schltr. 1920; Pleurothallis racemosa (Barb. Rodr.) Cogn. 1896; Pleurothallis tenuifolia C.Schweinf. 1951; Specklinia acuminata (Kunth) Lindl. 1835; Stelis aurea (Lindl.) Karremans 2014

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