Pleurothallis ornata Rchb.f. 1882 SUBGENUS Effusae Luer 2000

Photo by Scott McGregor

Color variation

Photo by Weyman Bussey


Drawing by Carl Luer


Common Name The Ornate Pleurothallis

Flower Size 1/2" [1.25 cm]

Found in Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador as a mini-miniature sized, cool to cold growing, caespitose epiphyte at elevations of 1500 to 2500 meters with erect ramicauls enveloped by 2 basal sheaths and carrying a single apical, erect, coriaceous leaf that blooms in the winter through mid summer on an apical, erect, fractiflex, 1.6 to 2" [4 to 5 cm] long, successively single, few flowered inflorescence with about half as long as the pedicel floral bracts that holds the amid or just above the leaves.

Cool temperatures, shade, and high humidity as well as mounting on tree fern, and good air movement assure a happy plant.

For years this species has been confused with P schiedei and P villosa which are synomonous, with P villosa taking precedence, as they do not have lamellae, only long pubescence within the flower so neither can be P ornata. Knowles & Westcott described P villosa as a plant 4" [10 cm] high, a flexuous scape and at each bend bearing a wooly and purple spotted flower. No mention of appendages or lamellae which most modern references show as P schiedei but are actually P ornata. Rchb.f in his description of P schiedei states that it is a wooly flower which would eliminate it as a candidate for what we now know as P ornata as well. Rchb.f described P ornata as having short ramicauls and the flower with conspicuous, unique, clavate appendages on the sepal margins.

Synonyms Effusiella ornata Luer 2007; Specklinia ornata (Rchb. f.) Luer 2004; Stelis ornata (Rchb. f.) Pridgeon & M.W. Chase 2001

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