!Trichoglottis retusa Blume 1825

Photo by The Butterfly and Orchids Gallery

Another Flower

Photo by Dale Borders

Another Flower thin version

Photo by Saw Leng Guan and Biological diversity Clearing House Mechanism Website

Common Name or Meaning The Blunt Trichoglottis

Flower Size 2/5" [1 cm]

Found in southern penninsular Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar as well as Java and Sumatra in lowland to montane mixed forests on large lower branches or forks of large treesat elevations of sealevel to 1000 meters as a large to giant sized, hot to warm growing, climbing epiphyte or occasional lithophyte on leaflitter and sandstone ledges on cliffs with slender branched stems carrying rather distant narrow, oblong to strap-shaped, deeply bilobed with unequal and obtuse lobes apically, sessile, leaves and blooms in the winter on fasciles oppisite the leaves, 1 to 3 at a node, single flowered inflorescence arising from the upper leaf axils and held close to the stem with wide open, fleshy, lemon scented flowers

This species and T lowderiana have been mixed up for years but this species is found in southern penninsular Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar as well as Java and Sumatra while T lowderiana occurs only in Borneo. There does not seem to be any overlap in where they occur.

Synonyms 1.4" [3.5 cm]


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