Barbosella prorepens (Rchb. f.) Schltr. 1918 SUBGENUS Barbosella

Plant and Flowers

Photos courtesy of Dale Borders

Another Flower

Photo by Kew cult. 2002-1291 (8 November 2016) ID:1121230 © RBG Kew Creative Commons License

Plant and Flower in situ Costa Rica

Photo courtesy of Wilfried Löderbusch


Another Drawing

Another Drawing

Drawings by © Carl Luer

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Common Name The Scrambling Barbosella

Flower Size 5/8" [1.5 cm]

Found from Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Leeward Islands, Jamaica, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Brazil in wet montane cloud forests as an miniature sized, warm to cold growing, shortly repent to caespitose epiphyte at altitudes of 800 to 2500 meters with a short ramicaul carrying a single coriaceous, elongate, semi-terete leaf and blooms in the spring and late fall on an erect, 4.8" [12 cm] long, single flowered inflorescence with a thin, tubular, enveloping the pedicel floral bract with the flowers held above the leaves.

"Typically B prorepens is small with leaves less than 2" [5 cm] long, and peduncles shorter than or up to twicew as long as the leaves. The flower color is usually pale yellow but purple forms occur. The sepals are less than .8" [2 cm] long. B prorepens is a small vegetative form of B cucullata and intermediate forms are known as B dolichorhiza." Luer 2000

Synonyms Barbosella brenesii Schltr. 1923; Barbosella caespitifica (F. Lehm. & Kraenzl.) Schltr. 1974; Barbosella dussii (Cogn.) Dod 1986; Barbosella monstrabilis (Ames) Garay 1974; Barbosella tolimensis (Kraenzl.) Garay 1974; Pleurothallis dussii Cogn 1909; Pleurothallis monstrabilis Ames 1923; Pleurothallis prorepens (Rchb. f.) Ames, C.E. Hubb. & C. Schweinf. 1934; Restrepia caespitifica F. Lehm. & Kraenzl.1928; *Restrepia prorepens Rchb. f. 1877; Restrepia tolimensis Kraenzl. 1928

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