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Bulbophyllum Page SUBFAMILY Epidendroideae, TRIBE Dendrobieae, SUBTRIBE Bulbophyllinae. The largest genus of orchids with over 1200 species it is also the most geographically diverse. It is found in all tropical areas on earth and is quite diverse in its flower morphology as well. The flowers have the foot of the column which is hinged attached to the labellum so the flower has a moving part which bobs, weaves, jiggles or jumpsin the slightest breeze. They are sympodial psuedobulbs with one - two leaves, closely or far spaced on the rhizome. Bulbophyllum was described by Thouars in 1822 and his type species was Bulbophyllum nutans. Most bulbos like wooden slat baskets with some treefern and sphagnum as potting media.

Bulbophyllum {cirrhopetalum}Species List

Species names that are synonyms of correct species names are denoted with a ~.

    The species list below was composed with information from the following sources.

    The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Orchids by Alec Pridgeon. Published by the Timber Press

    The Manual Of Cultivated Orchid Species By Bechtel, Cribb and Launert, Published by The MIT Press

    Orchid Genera in Thailand VIII Bulbophyllum Thou. By Gunnar Seidenfadden Bishen Singh Mahendra Pal Singh 1990

    Notes on Cirrhopetalum Lindl. By Gunnar Seidenfadden Shiva Offset Press 1987

      * denotes species that are in the Cirrhopetalum group

      Species names that are synonyms of correct species names are denoted with a ~

    1. *abbreviatum Rchb.f.
    2. -occurance unknown
    3. abbrevilabium Carr, Gard.& Bull.
    4. -Thailand and Vietnam
    5. *acuminatum [Ridl.]Ridl.
    6. -Thailand?, Malaysia, and Borneo
    7. *acutiflorum A.Rich.
    8. -India
    9. acutum J.J.Sm.
    10. -Borneo, W. Malaysia, China, Thailand and Sumatra to Java-Lower Montane forests on bare trunks and main branches- Alt 1300-1700m-Flowers in July, Oct.-Dec.
    11. adjungens Seidenf.
    12. -Thailand
    13. affine Lindl.
    14. -Thailand, Nepal, Bhutan, Laos, Vietnam, China, Ryukyu,-
    15. alatum J.J.Vermuelen
    16. -Borneo-Mixed montane forest on bare trunks and branches- Alt 1300-2000m-Flowers in Apr-July, Oct.-Dec.
    17. albibracteum Seidenf.
    18. -Thailand-Alt 2000m
    19. *albociliatum [Liu&Su]Seidenf.
    20. -Taiwan
    21. alcicorne Par, & Rchb.f.
    22. -Thailand, Burma and Malaysia- Alt 620m
    23. allenkerrii Seidenf.
    24. -Laos- Alt 1700m
    25. ambrosia
    26. - S. China - Flowers in Winter - Fragrant - tree fern or cork mount

      *~amesianum - See B. lepidum

    27. *amplifolium [Rolfe]Balak. & Chowd.
    28. -India, Bhutan, China and Burma- Alt 1000-1900m
    29. *andersonii [Hk f.] J.J.Sm.
    30. -Sikkim, India, N. Vietnam, China - Alt 5000ft.
    31. anguliferum Ames & C.Schweinf.
    32. -Borneo-High wet montane forests and can be quite exposed on bare branches- Alt 1500-2400m-Flowers in March-Aug, and Nov.
    33. *annandalei Ridl.
    34. -Thailand-
    35. *antenniferum [Lindl.]Rchb.f.
    36. -Java, Borneo, New Guinea and the Philippines
    37. antioquense Kraenzl
    38. - Colombia, Antioquia province
    39. *aphanopetalum Schltr.
    40. -New Caledonia - Alt 900m
    41. apheles J.J.Vermuelen
    42. -Borneo-low pozolic forests on small bare shrub or tree branches- Alt 1300-1600m- Flowers in Sept-Dec.
    43. apodum Hk.f.
    44. -Thailand, Vietnam, W. Malaysia, Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Sulawesi, Brunei and Philippines- Alt 900m
    45. *appendiculatum [Rolfe] J.J.SM
    46. -India, Sikkim, Thailand, Malaysia, Sumatra, Borneo, and the Philippines
    47. aristatum [Rchb.f.]Hemsl.
    48. -Mexico to Panama -Alt up to 1500m- Epiphyte in humid forests or open pine forest
    49. armeniacum
    50. - W. Malaysia, Sumatra, and Borneo
    51. *asperulum J.J.Sm.
    52. -Borneo
    53. augusteovatum Seidenf.
    54. -Thailand
    55. aurantiacum Mueller
    56. - Eastern Australia- Alt 0-1200m- Flowers Oct-Mar.- Mostly epiphytic sometimes lithophytic at higher elevations
    57. *auratum [Lindl.]Rchb.f.
    58. Thailand, Malaysia, Sumatra and Borneo
    59. *aureum [Hk.f.]J.J.Sm.
    60. -India
    61. auricomum Lindl.
    62. Burma, Sumatra and Java- Deciduous
    63. baileyi
    64. -NE Australia
    65. *baladeanum J.J.Sm.
    66. -New Caledonia
    67. barbigierum Lindl.
    68. Sierra Leone and east to Cameroon and Zaire
    69. *baucoense Ames
    70. -Philippines
    71. berenicis
    72. ~bicolor Lindley - See Ione bicolor

    73. *biflorum Teijsm. & Binnend.
    74. -Thailand, Malaysia, Sumatra, Java, Borneo and the Philippines-
    75. *binnendijkii J.J.Sm.
    76. syn virescens- Java and Borneo
    77. biseriale Carr, Gard., Bull.
    78. -Thailand, Malaysia
    79. bisetoides Seidenf.
    80. -Thailand- Alt 1400m
    81. bisetum Lindl.
    82. bittnerianum Schltr.
    83. -Thailand-
    84. *blepharistes Rchb.f.
    85. -Thailand, Burma, Laos, Malaysia-
    86. blumei [Lindl.]J.J.Sm.
    87. -W. Malaysia, Sumatra, Kei Island, New Guinea, Australia, Solomon Islands Borneo and the Philippines- Lowland forest as well as limestone soil forest
    88. *bolsteri Ames
    89. -Philippines
    90. *boninense [Schltr.]J.J.Sm.
    91. - Boninje Island
    92. *bootanoides [Guill.]Seidenf.
    93. -S. Vietnam
    94. botryophorum Ridl.
    95. -Borneo, W. Malaysia-Lowland forest as well as mangrove swamp and riverine forests and grows shaded and among moss and detrius-Alt 0-800m-Flowers Aug. and Sept.
    96. bowkettae Bailey
    97. - Tropical Australia- Alt 600m +-Flowers in Mar-Aug -Epiphyte sometimes lithophyte on mossy rocks
    98. bracteolatum Lindl.
    99. - Br. and Fr. Guiana, Colombia
    100. *brevibrachiatum [Schltr]J.J.Sm.
    101. -Celebes -Alt 400m
    102. brevicolumna
    103. -Borneo

      ~*breviscapum [Rolfe]Ridley see *B. lasiochilum

    104. brevistylidium Seidenf.
    105. -Thailand
    106. *brienianum [Rolfe]J.J.Sm.
    107. -Mlaysia, Sumatra, Riau Archepeligo and Borneo-
    108. calceolus J.J.Vermuelen
    109. -Borneo- Open montane forest on shrub and tree branches with bare or thin moss bark and rarely terrestrial- Alt 1300-1650m-Flowers in Sept-Dec.
    110. capillipes Par. & Rchb.f.
    111. -Thailand, Bhutan, India and Burma
    112. careyanum [Hook.]Spreng.
    113. -Nepal, India, Bhutan, Sikkim, Nepal, Thailand, Burma and China- Flowers in Oct.

      ~careyanum Wall See B. crassipes

    114. cariniflorum Rchb.f.
    115. -India, Bhutan, Nepal and Sikkim- Alt 1000m- Deciduous- Flowers in July-Aug
    116. carinilabium J.J.Vermuelen
    117. -Borneo-Montane forest, epiphytic on trunks and branches- Alt 1500-2000m- Flowers in Mar-Apr and Oct.
    118. catenarium Ridl.
    119. -Borneo, Peninsular Malaysia- Wet and mossy montane forests grows shady and exposed on bare branches- Alt 1700-2500m- Flowers in June- Aug., and Oct.-Dec.
    120. caudatisepalum
    121. -Borneo and W. Malaysia
    122. *caudatum Lindl.
    123. -Nepal and Sikkim
    124. ceratostylis
    125. -Borneo and Sumatra
    126. cernuum [Bl.]Lindl.
    127. -Borneo, Thailand and Java- Dry low open forest-Alt 1300m- Flowers in Oct.
    128. chanii J.J.Vermuelen & A.Lamb
    129. -Borneo- High non-mossy forest on branches in top of tree-Alt 1500-1900-Flowers in Apr.-May, and July-Aug.
    130. *cheiri Lindl.
    131. -Borneo, W. Malaysia, the Philippines and Sulawesi-Lowland forest- Alt 0-100m-Flowers in April-June and Oct, Dec.
    132. *chinense [Lindl]Rchb.f.
    133. -China
    134. *chondriophorum [Gagnep.] Seidenf.
    135. -China
    136. *?chryseum [Krzl]Ames
    137. -Philippines

      ~clavigerum Fitz. see B. longiflorum

    138. cochleatum
    139. - West Africa to Kenya - Flowers all year -
    140. cocoinum Batem.exLindl.
    141. -Sierra Leone to Ghana and Uganda?- Flowers in Jan.
    142. coelochilum J.J.Vermuelen
    143. --Borneo-Dry,low, open forest on steep ridges, epiphytic on small bare or lichen covered branches- Alt 1300-1500m-Flowers Oct., Dec.
    144. *cogniauxianum [Krzl.]J.J.Sm.
    145. -Brazil
    146. comosum Collett & Hemsley
    147. -Thailand and Burma- Alt 1800-2000m-Deciduous
    148. compressum Teijsm. & Binnend.
    149. -Borneo, Sumatra, Java, and Sulawesi
    150. concinnum Hk.f, Fl. Brit. Ind.
    151. -Singapore, Jahore, Borneo, Vietnam, Thailand and Sumatra
    152. congestum Rolfe Kew Bull.
    153. -Thailand, Burma, China and India-Alt 825-2200ft
    154. coniferum Ridl.
    155. -Borneo, W. Malaysia, Sumatra and Java-Mossy montane forest-alt 1000-2150-Flowers Apr.-May,July-Aug., Oct.,Dec.
    156. coraliinum Tix & Gil.,Bull.
    157. -Thailand and Vietnam- alt 1200m-Flowers in Oct-Dec.
    158. coriaceum
    159. cornutum [Bl.]Rchb.f.
    160. -Borneo, Java and the Philippines-Montane epiphyte-Alt 1000-1600m-Flowers in Feb, May and Oct.
    161. *corolliferum J.J.Sm.
    162. -Thailand, Malaysia, Sumatra and Borneo-
    163. crabianum Kerr, Kew, Bull.
    164. -Thailand
    165. crassipes Hk.f.
    166. -Thailand, India, Sikkim, Burma and Malaysia
    167. crassulifolium [Cunn]Rupp
    168. - Temperate Australia-Alt 0-900m- Flowers in Spring- Mossy rocks or trees from rainforest to exposed open forest.
    169. croceum
    170. ~*cumingii [Lindl]rchb.f.
    171. -Philippines - see B. lepidum
    172. cupreum Lindl.
    173. -Thailand, Burma and Malaysian Peninsula- Flowers winter to spring- Intermediate to warm
    174. *dalatensis Seidenf.
    175. S. Vietnam
    176. dhaninvatii Seidenf.
    177. -Thailand- Alt 1200m- Flowers in Oct.- deciduous by Sept.
    178. dayanum Rchb.f.
    179. -Burma, Thailand and Cambodia- Alt 500-1300m- Flowers spring and summer-Intermediate
    180. dearei Rchb.f.
    181. -Borneo, W. Malaysia, Borneo and the Philippines-Montane forest on bare large tree trunks- Alt 700-1200m- Flowers in May-June.
    182. decatriche J.J.Vermuelen.
    183. -Borneo- Lowland forest
    184. *delitescens Hance
    185. -India, Vietnam, China and Hong Kong- Alt 100-1500ft
    186. deltoideum
    187. *dentiferum Ridl.
    188. -Thaialnd, Malaysia,and Java
    189. devogelii
    190. -Borneo
    191. dickasonii Seidenf.
    192. - Burma- Alt 7500ft-Flowers in Apr.
    193. didymottrpis Seidenf.
    194. -Thailand
    195. disjunctum Ames & Schweinf.
    196. -Borneo and Thailand
    197. dissitiflorum Seidenf.
    198. -Thailand
    199. distans Lindl.
    200. -W Africa to Uganda- Rain forest and lower montane forest
    201. *dolichoblepharon [Schltr.]J.J.Sm.
    202. - Celebes and the Philippines
    203. dransfieldii J.J.Vermuelen
    204. -Borneo-Montane forest on mossy branches- Alt 2000m-Flowers in Aug.
    205. dryas
    206. -Borneo, W. Malaysia and Sumatra
    207. *dyerianum [King&Pantl.]Seidenf.
    208. -Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan and India
    209. drymoglossum Maxim.
    210. Japan
    211. *ecornutum [J.J.Sm.]J.J.Sm.
    212. Thailand, Sumatra, Borneo, and Java to the Moluccas-Shrubby forests exposed as an epiphyte- Alt 400-1300-Flowers in Oct-Dec.
    213. elachanthe
    214. -Borneo
    215. elassonotum Summerh.
    216. - India
    217. *elatum [Hk.f.]J.J.Sm.
    218. -India, Sikkim and Nepal
    219. *electrinum Seidenf.
    220. -S. China
    221. *elegantulum [Rolfe]J.J.Sm.
    222. -India
    223. *elisae[F>v.Muell.]Benth.
    224. -Australia- Alt 600m+- Flowers Autumn to spring- Epiphytic and lithophytic- Cool grower
    225. *elliae
    226. -Ceylon
    227. *elongatum [Bl.]Hassk.
    228. -Malaysia,Borneo, Java and the Philippines
    229. *emarginatum [Finet]J.J.Sm.
    230. -Tibet, India, Bhutan,Upper Burma, N. Vietnam and China- Alt 2000m
    231. epicrianthes Hook.f.
    232. -Borneo, Sumatra,Java, and Ambon- Lowland forest epiphyte found on exposed branches in the crown of trees on bark devoid of humus or moss- Flowers in Feb and June- July
    233. evasum Hunt&Rupp
    234. -Australia- Alt 700-1300m- Flowers at anytime- Mossy rocks and trees in cloudforest- Cool grower
    235. exaltatum Lindl.
    236. -Colombia- Low Montane forests, epiphytes
    237. exquisitum
    238. falcatum [Lindl]Rchb.f.
    239. - Guinea and Sierra Leone and east to Uganda and Zaire- Flowers May-Aug
    240. *?falciferum J.J.Sm.
    241. -New Guinea
    242. *farreri [W.W.Sm.]Seidenf.
    243. -Upper Burma
    244. *fascinator [Rolfe]Rolfe
    245. -Vietnam and Laos- Flowers in autumn- intermediate to warm grower
    246. *fibratum [Gagnep]Seidenf.
    247. -S. Vietnam
    248. *fimbriantum [Lindl.]Rchb.f.
    249. -India
    250. *fisheri Seidenf.
    251. -India- Alt 4000-6500ft
    252. flavescens [Bl.] Lindl.
    253. -W. Malaysia, Sumatra, Java, Borneo and Philippines
    254. *flaviflorum [Liu&Su]Seidenf.
    255. - Vietnam, Laos, China, and Taiwan-
    256. flavofimbriatum J.J.Sm.
    257. -Borneo-lower montane forest on exposed bare tree branches and trunks with no moss or deitrus, in shade or exposed.-Flowers June, Sept.,and Dec.
    258. *fletcherianum Hort.
    259. -New Guinea
    260. *fordii [Rolfe]J.J.Sm.
    261. -China- Alt 7000ft
    262. *formosanum [Rolfe]Seidenf.
    263. -Taiwan - Alt 6000ft
    264. *forrestii Seidenf.
    265. -Thailand, Upper Burma and S. China- Alt 1500-2200m
    266. fulvibulbum J.J.Vermuelen
    267. -Borneo
    268. gadgarrense Rupp
    269. - Tropical Australia -Alt 700m+- Flowers Spring and Summer- Epiphytic and occasionally lithophytic in cloudforest on mossy tree trunks or branches
    270. gibbolabium Seidenf.
    271. -Thailand
    272. gibbosum [Bl.]Lindl.
    273. -W. Malaysia, Sumatra, Java, Borneo and Bali
    274. *gibbsiae Rolfe
    275. glaucifolium JJ Vermeulen
    276. -Borneo
    277. globuliforme Nichols
    278. -New South Wales, Australia - Flowers in Spring

      ~godseffianum Weathers - See B. dearii

    279. *gracillinum [Rolfe] Rolfe
    280. -Thailand, Malaysia, Sumatra, Borneo, New Guinea, Solomon Is.,New Caledonia, and Fiji-
    281. grandilabre Carr
    282. -Borneo
    283. *graveolens [Bail.]J.J.Sm.
    284. -New Guinea -Flowers in spring- Hot grower
    285. gravidum
    286. - Malawi - Flowers year round - closely allied to B. cochleatum - tree fern mount - Shade and constant moisture
    287. groewneveldth J.J.Sm.
    288. -Borneo and Sumatra- Low to high montane forests in crown of small trees with moss and humus- Alt 1100-1300m-Flowers in Oct-Jan.
    289. *gusdorfii J.J.Sm.
    290. -Malaysia, Sumatra and the Phillippines
    291. *guttulatum Wall.
    292. -India, Bhutan, Nepal, Sikkim -Flowers in autumn -Intermediate grower
    293. gymnopus Hk.f.
    294. -India, Sikkim, Bhutan, and Thailand-Alt 700-1400m-Flowers in Dec
    295. gyrochillum Seidenf.
    296. -Thailand-Alt 1300m-Flowers in Mar-June
    297. haniffii Carr.
    298. -Thailand, Burma, Laos, Malaya
    299. hastatum Tang & Wang
    300. -Thailand and China
    301. *helenae [Kze.]J.J.Sm.
    302. -India, Sikkim, Nepal, Thailand, Upper Burma- Alt 875-1800m
    303. heldiorum J.J.Vermuelen
    304. -Borneo-Montane Mossy forest and grows downward on the trunks of trees totally attached-Alt 2000-2500-Flowers Mar., July and Dec.
    305. hirtulum Ridl.
    306. -Borneo, Sumatra and W. Malaysia- epiphyte on lower branches and shrubs in low open forest to high montane forest- Alt 400-1300m- flowers in Sept-Oct.
    307. hirtum [J.E.Sm.]Lindl
    308. - India, Sikkim, Bhutan, Nepal, Thailand, and Vietnam- Alt 800-1200m-Deciduous
    309. *hirundinis [gagnep.]Seidenf.
    310. -Vietnam and Taiwan
    311. *hookeri [Duthie]J.J.Sm.
    312. -India and Nepal- Alt 5000-8000ft
    313. hymenanthum Hook. f.
    314. - India, Sikkim and Thailand- Alt 1300m
    315. imbricatum Lindl.
    316. Alt lowland
    317. inconspicuum Maxim.
    318. Photo courtesy of Ichiro "Haru" Ohsaka This is a Japanese species.
    319. *insulsoides Seidenf.
    320. -Taiwan
    321. *insulum [Gagnep]Seidenf.
    322. -Vietnam
    323. intricatum Seidenf.
    324. -Thailand- Alt 550-1600m-
    325. ionophyllum J.J> Vermeulen
    326. -Borneo
    327. jamaicense
    328. -Jamaica-Hilly forest-Flowers in Jan-Aug.
    329. *japonicum [Makino]Makino
    330. -China, Japan and Taiwan- Well shaded intermediate to cool moderate water year round
    331. johnsonii Hunt&Rupp
    332. -Tropical Australia- Alt 0-1200m- Flowers anytime- rainforest and exposed areas- Bright light or shade - cool to intermediate
    333. jolandae J.J.Vermuelen
    334. epiphytes on mossy lower branches in open montane forests- Alt 1500m-Flowers in Oct.
    335. *kaitiense Rchb.f.
    336. -India
    337. kanburiensis Seidenf.
    338. -Burma and Thailand- Alt 700-1400
    339. kermesinum
    340. kestron J.J.Vermuelen & A.Lamb
    341. -Borneo- High wet montane forest on tree trunks with fine algae or moss- Alt 1500-2000-Flowers in May-July, Aug.
    342. khaoyaiensis Seidenf.
    343. -Thailand- Alt 1200m
    344. khasyanum Griff.
    345. -India, Sikkim, Bhutan, Thailand, Vietnam and China- Alt 1900m
    346. lambii J.J.Vermuelen
    347. -Borneo-wet montane forests in moss as epiphyte- Alt 1500-2100m- Flowers in Apr-Aug, and Oct.
    348. lasianthum Lindl.
    349. -Borneo, W. Malaysia and Sumatra-Lowland to lower montane forests high in crown of canopy tree
    350. *lasiochilum Par. & Rchb.f.
    351. - Thailand and Malaysia- Alt 1200-1500m
    352. latisepalum Ames & C.Schweinf.
    353. -Borneo-Montane forests- Alt 1300-2100-Flowers in May and July-Aug.
    354. laxiflorum [Bl.]Lindl.
    355. -Thailand, Burma, Malaysia, Sumatra, Java, Celebes, and the Philippines
    356. lemiscatoides Rolfe
    357. -Thailand, Vietnam, Sumatra and Java-Deciduous
    358. lemniscatum Par.exHk.f.
    359. -Thailand and Burma- Alt 400m- Deciduous
    360. leniae J.J.Vermuelen
    361. -Borneo-Low and open dry forest on steep ridges attached to trunks and branches devoid of moss and detrius- Alt. 1300-1500- Flowers in Oct. and Dec.
    362. leopardinum [Wall.]Lindl.
    363. -Nepal, Bhutan, India, Thailand and Burma- Alt 900-1900m
    364. *lepidum [Bl.]J.J.Sm.
    365. -Andaman Isl., Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Sumatra,Java, Borneo, and the Moluccas-
    366. leproglossum J.J.Vermuelen & A.Lamb
    367. -Borneo-High montane forests on small tree branches with moss- Alt 1300-1500m- Flowers in Oct.

      ~leptorhachis Schltr. see B. falcatum

    368. *leratiae [Krtzl]Seidenf.
    369. -New Caledonia
    370. *leratii [Schltr.]J.J.Sm
    371. -New Caledonia
    372. leysianum Burb.
    373. Photo courtesy of Ichiro "Haru" Ohsaka This species is from Borneo.
    374. lilacinum Ridl.
    375. Thailand and Malaysia-
    376. limbatum Lindl.
    377. -Thailand, Burma, Sumatra and Malaysia
    378. lindleyanum Griff
    379. -Thailand and Burma
    380. *lineatum [Teijsm.& Binn]J.J.Sm.
    381. -Burma and Sumatra
    382. *lishanensis
    383. Photo courtesy of Allen Black. I can't find anything on this one, anyone else?
    384. lissoglossum J.J.Vermuelen
    385. -Borneo
    386. lobbii Lindl.
    387. -India, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, W. Malaysia, Sumatra, Borneo, Java, Bali, Flores, and the Philippines-Low to montane forests on trunks and main branches of larger trees- Alt 0-2000m-=Flowers in Jan-Apr and June-Aug.
    388. *loherianum [Krzl.]Ames
    389. -Philippines -
    390. longebracteatum Seidenf.
    391. -Thailand and Laos- Alt 1500-1600m
    392. longhutense J.J.Sm.
    393. -Borneo- Hilly lowland forest to high montane forest on mossy branches high in the crown- Alt. 250-1700-Flowers in Apr., Aug and Oct-Jan.
    394. *longidens [Rolfe]Seidenf.
    395. -Locality Unknown
    396. *longiflorum Thours
    397. -Uganda to Fiji, Madagascar, Guam and Australia- Alt 1200m
    398. longimucronatum Ames & C.Schweinf.
    399. -Borneo
    400. longipes Rchb.f.
    401. -Thailand and Burma-Alt 220-1500m
    402. *longissimum [Ridl.]Ridl.
    403. -Thailand-Flowers in Apr.
    404. luanii Tixier
    405. -Thailand and Vietnam- Alt 1300m
    406. *luzonense Ames
    407. -Philippines -
    408. lygeron J.J. Vermeulen
    409. -Borneo
    410. macphersonii Rupp
    411. - Australia - Alt 450m+ - Flowers from Summer to winter-Rainforest on trees- Intermediate -
    412. *macraei [Lindl.]Rchb.f.
    413. - Ceylon, India, Japan, Taiwan
    414. macranthum Lindl.
    415. - Burma, Vietnam, Thailand, Papua and New Guinea, Borneo, Java, Sumatra, Peninsular Malaysia, Celebes and the Philippines-Lowland forests- Alt 0-700m- Flowers in Mar-Apr, Aug, and Nov-Dec. -warm
    416. macrochilum Rlfe
    417. -Borneo, W. Malaysia-Lowland and lower montane forests usually on the lower parts of bare trunks and branches of understory trees, Rarely terrestrial-Alt 0-1200m-Flowers in Apr.and Aug.-Nov.
    418. macrocoleum Seidenf.
    419. - Thailand and Vietnam - Alt 560m - Flowers in Jan-Feb
    420. *makoyanum [Rchb.f.]Ridl.
    421. - Malaysia, Borneo and the Philippines -Flowers in winter -Warm grower
    422. malleolabrum Carr
    423. - Borneo, W. Malaysia-Low open wet podzolic forest on small lichen covered branche Alt 1300-1500m- Flowers in Dec.
    424. masdevalliaceum
    425. *mastersianum [Rolfe]J.J.Sm.
    426. - Borneo, Sarawak and the Moluccas
    427. *maximum [Ridl.]Ridl.
    428. -Malaysia and Sumatra
    429. *?mearnsii Ames
    430. -Philippines
    431. *medusae [Lindl.] Rchb.f.
    432. - Borneo, Thailand, W Malaysia, Sumatra, Bangka,?Philippines and the Sunda Islands- found in lowland forests, and open podzolic forest high in the trees on trunks and main branches- Flowers Sept-Mar.
    433. *melanoglossum Hayata
    434. - China and Taiwan-
    435. membranifolium Hook.f.
    436. - W. Malaysia, Sumatra,Borneo and the Philippines- Montane forests on branches and trunks of small trees- Alt 1300-2300m-Flowers in Oct-Apr.
    437. meridense Rchb.f.
    438. - Colombia - Low montane forest
    439. microglossum Ridl., Journ., Linn.
    440. - Thailand and Malaysia
    441. microtepalum Rchb.f.
    442. - Thailand and Burma - Alt 200m
    443. minutissimum
    444. - Australia - Flowers in Spring - Cork bark mount with a little sphagnum - Bright light - keep damp
    445. minutullum Ridl.
    446. -Borneo, W. Malaysia- Lower montane forests well shaded epiphyte on bare or mossy trunks and main branches.-Alt 700-1900m0- Flowers May-July and Oct-Dec.
    447. *mirum J>J>Sm.
    448. -Suamatra, Bali and Java - 1600m
    449. modestum Hk.f.,Fl.Brit.Ind.
    450. -Thailand, Malaysia and Sumatra
    451. monanthos Ridl.,Journ., Linn.
    452. -Thailand
    453. moniliforme Par. & Rchb.f.
    454. -India, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam
    455. montense Ridl.
    456. -Borneo- Open mixed montane forests as an epiphyte on bare or mossy trunks- Alt 1300-3400m- Flowers in Mar-Sept and Dec.
    457. *morotaiense J.J.Sm.
    458. -Moluccas
    459. morphologorum Krzl.
    460. -Thailand and Vietnam- Alt 900-1400m-
    461. multiflexum J.J. Sm.
    462. muscarirubrum Seidenf.
    463. Thailand- Alt 1000-1500-Flowers Mar-Apr.
    464. mutabile [Bl.] Lindl.
    465. -Thailand, W. Malaysia, Sumatra, Java, Bali, Sulawesi, Celebes Borneo and the Philippines
    466. *mysorense [Rolfe] J.J.Sm.
    467. -India
    468. *nanobulbon Seidenf.
    469. -Mlaysia and Borneo
    470. nanopetalum Seidenf.
    471. -Thailand
    472. nasica
    473. negrescens Rolfe
    474. -Thailand and Vietnam - Alt 450-1000m
    475. negrosianum Ames
    476. -Negros Oriental in the Philippines- Alt 1100m -Flowers in Spring- Epiphyte on mossy trees- Warm grower- Moderate shade to bright light
    477. neilgherrense Wight
    478. -India-
    479. nematochilum Ridl.
    480. -Borneo, W. Malaysia- Lowland and montane forest, epiphyte close to the ground in deep shade- Alt 400-1800m-Flowers in July, Sept, and Dec.
    481. nesiotes Seidenf.
    482. -Thailand-Flower in May-June
    483. *nodosum [Rolfe]J.J.Sm.
    484. - Nilgiri
    485. noeanum Kerr.
    486. -Thailand
    487. nubinatum J.J.Vermuelen
    488. -Borneo- Upper montane forests-Alt 2000-3000m -Flowers in Mar, June, Aug.
    489. obtusipetalum J.J.Sm.
    490. -W. Malaysia, Sumatra, Java, and Borneo
    491. odoratissimum Lindl & Wall.
    492. --India, Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, China and Burma
    493. odoratum [Bl.]Lindl.
    494. - W. Malaysia, Sumatra, Java, Lesser Sunda Island, Sulawesi, Moluccas, Borneo and the Philippines
    495. oerstedii
    496. -Central America
    497. *omerandum Hayata
    498. -Taiwan
    499. *oreogenes [W.W.Sm.]Seidenf.
    500. -China
    501. orientale Seidenf.
    502. -Thailand- Alt 1200m
    503. *ornatissimum [Rchb.f.]J.J.Sm.
    504. -India- Flowers in Autumn to early winter- intermediate to warm grower
    505. *othonis [O. Kuntze]J.J.Sm.
    506. -Philippines
    507. otochilum J.J.Vermuelen
    508. -Borneo-High forest on exposed ridges- Alt700m-Flowers in Nov.
    509. ovalifolium [Bl.]Lindl.
    510. -Thailand, Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra, Java, Sulawesi and Borneo- High montane forest on mossy branches-Alt 1700-2000m- Flowers in Oct-Dec.
    511. ovatilabellum Seidenf.
    512. -Thailand
    513. ovatum Seidenf.
    514. -Thailand
    515. *pachybulbon [Schltr.]Seidenf.
    516. -New Guinea
    517. pachyrhachis [A.rich.]Griseb
    518. -Mexico to Panama and the Caribbean- - Alt. up to 600m -Humid forest and thickets epiphyte
    519. *pahudi [De Vr.]Rchb.f.
    520. -Java
    521. pallidum Seidenf.
    522. Thailand- Alt 1100-1600m- Flowers Jan-Feb-deciduous by Dec.
    523. parviflorum Par.&Rchb.f.
    524. India and Thailand?
    525. parvilabium Scltr.
    526. -Thailand, Sumatra, Malaysia, Borneo and Java-Alt 750-1000m
    527. patens King
    528. -W. Malaysia, Sumatra, and Borneo-Lowland forests, epiphyte on bare trunks of trees-Alt 0-100m-Flowers in Feb and Apr.
    529. *pectenveneris [Gagnep.]Seidenf.
    530. - S. Vietnam
    531. pectinatum Finet
    532. see viridiflorum-Thailand China and Formosa
    533. pelicanopsis J.J.Vermuelen & A.Lamb
    534. -Borneo-High montane foirest on tre trunks close to ground in moss- Alt 1200-1500m-Flowers in Oct.
    535. penduliscarpum J.J.Sm.
    536. -Borneo, Sumatra and the Philippines
    537. penisulare Seidenf.
    538. -Thailand- Alt 500m
    539. pentaneurum Seidenf.
    540. -Thailand
    541. *peyerianum [Krzl.]Seidenf.
    542. -Sumatra and Borneo
    543. peyrotii
    544. phaeoneuron Schltr.
    545. -Borneo and Sumatra -High and dry montane forests on bare mossless exposed branches in the crown of the tree with rough bark.- Alt 1400-2000m-Flowers in June-July and Oct.
    546. physocoryphum Seidenf.
    547. -Thailand
    548. *picturatum [lodd.]Rchb.f.
    549. -India, Thailand, Upper Burma, and Vietnam- Alt 900-1600m- Flowers in Spring-Deciduous trees with high light- Intermediate grower
    550. phayamense Seidenf.
    551. - Thailand
    552. placochilum J.J.Vermuelen
    553. -Borneo
    554. *planibulbe [Ridl.]Ridl.
    555. -Thailand, Malaysia and Sumatra- Lowland epiphyte- Warm grower- Semi-shade with high humidity
    556. *plumatum Ames
    557. -Suamtra and the Philippines- Alt 1000m pocillum J.J. Vermeulen -Borneo
    558. *polliculosum Seidenf.
    559. -Thailand
    560. polyrhizum Lindl.
    561. - India, Sikkim, Nepal, Thailand, Burma- Alt 660-1500m
    562. popayanense Kraenzl
    563. - Southwest Colombia
    564. porphyyrotriche J.J. Vermuelen
    565. -Borneo- 1100m -Flowers year round in cultivation
    566. prianganense J.J.Sm.
    567. *proboscideum Seidenf. & Smitin.
    568. -Laos and Thailand
    569. propinquum Krzl.
    570. -Thailand- Alt 1400m- Intemediate- bright light- Moderate watering- winter rest
    571. protractum Hk.f.
    572. -Thailand, Sikkim, Burma,
    573. *proudlockii [King &Pantl.]J.J.Sm.
    574. -Nilgiri - Alt 4000ft
    575. psittacoglossum Rchb.f.
    576. -Thailand and Burma
    577. pugilanthe J.J. Wood
    578. *puguhaanense Ames
    579. Malaysia and Philippines- Alt 120m
    580. *pulchellum Ridl.
    581. -Thailand and Malaysia
    582. *pulchrum N.E.Br.]J.J.Sm.
    583. -Celebes, Moluccas, Ambon, - Flowers in autumn- intermediate grower
    584. *pumilio Par. & Rchb.f.
    585. -Thailand- Alt 1200-1400m
    586. puntjakense J.J.Sm.
    587. -Borneo, Java and Bali-Wet montane forests on tree trunks or branches with moss and shade- Alt 1700-2000m- Flowers in Apr-Aug and Oct.
    588. *purpurescens Teijsm. & Binnend.
    589. - Thailand, Malaysia, Sumatra, Java and Borneo
    590. *putidum J.J.Sm.
    591. -India, Sikkim, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, Sumatra, Borneo, and the Philippines
    592. putii Seidenf.
    593. -Thailand
    594. pyridion J.J.Vermuelen
    595. -Borneo-High montane forests on small tree branch with moss and lichens- Alt 1500-Flowers in Oct.
    596. *rajanum J.J.Sm.
    597. refractilingue J.J.Sm.
    598. -Borneo-Lowland forest, epiphyte or terrestrial shaded and in moss and humus or rotting logs- Alt 100-400m-flowers in Apr-June and Jan.
    599. *refractum [Zoll.]Rchb.f.
    600. -Java - Alt 4500ft
    601. reichenbachii [Kze.]Scltr.
    602. - Burma- Alt 3000ft-Deciduous
    603. repens Griff.
    604. - India, Thailand and Burma- Alt 300-1100m
    605. reptans [Lindl.]Lindl.
    606. - India, Sikkim, Bhutan, Nepal, Thailand, Burma, and China- Alt 1360-2100m
    607. *?restrepia [Ridl.]Ridl.
    608. -Malaysia and Borneo
    609. *retusiusculum Rchb.f.
    610. -India, Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan, Burma, Thailand, China, Laos, Vietnam, Taiwan and Malaysia?- Alt 1530m
    611. rhizomatosum Ames & Schweinf.
    612. -W. Malaysia, Borneo and the Philippines
    613. *rhombifolium [Carr.]Masamune
    614. -Borneo and Sarawak
    615. rhynchoglossum
    616. - New Guinea - Flowers year round - shade - constant water - cork or treefern mount
    617. robustum Rolfe
    618. -Niugini
    619. *rothschildianum[O'Brien]J.J.SM
    620. -India-Flowers Sept-Mar
    621. *roxburghii [Lindl.]Rchb.f.
    622. -India - simmilar to B. lepidum
    623. rubiferum J.J.Sm.
    624. -Borneo, and Java-High mossy montane forests on small trees close to the forest floor-Alt 1700m-Flowers in Aug.
    625. rufilabrum Par.exHk.f.
    626. -Thailand and Burma- Alt 500-600m- Flowers in Jan-Feb
    627. rufinum Rchb.f.
    628. -Thailand, Burma, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam- Alt 850-1000m
    629. rugosum Ridl.<.LI>W. Malaysia, Borneo, Sumatra and Singapore-Lowland forests- Alt 100m-Flowers in Sept and Dec.
    630. rugosisepalum Seidenf.
    631. -Thailand- Alt 1400m
    632. salaccense Rchb.f.
    633. -Borneo, W. Malaysia, Sumatra and Java-Lowland and montane forests epiphytically and lithophytically on sandstone at the edge of montane roads-Alt 400-3300m-Flowers in March,July and Dec.
    634. sandersonii
    635. - S Africa and Rhodesia - Flowers in Summer
    636. *sanguineopunctatum Seidenf.
    637. - Laos- Alt 500m
    638. sanitii Seidenf.
    639. -Thailand and Vietnam- Alt 1350-1700m
    640. *sarcophyllum King&pantl.]J.J.Sm.
    641. -India, Sikkim, Bhutan and Burma -Alt 1000-5000ft
    642. scaberulum [Rolfe]Bolus
    643. -Africa- Alt 2000m- Flowers inMar-July
    644. scabrum J.J.Vermuelen & A.Lamb
    645. -Borneo- dense mats on large branches in montane forest- Alt 1500m-Flowers in Oct.
    646. *scabratum Rchb.f.
    647. - Nepal, Sikkim, and East Bengal
    648. schefferi [O.Kuntze]Schltr.
    649. -Borneo, Sumatra, Java and the Philippines-High montane forests on ridges low to ground on the bole of large trees in moss. Aldso found in low fruit feilds- Alt 0-1500m-Flowers in May and Oct.
    650. secundum Hk.f.
    651. -India, Nepal, Sikkim, Burma, Thailand, China, Laos and Vietnam
    652. *seidenfaddenii A.D.Kerr
    653. -Laos- Alt 750m
    654. *serratotruncatum Seidenf.
    655. -Malaysia- Intermediate to warm- Bright light and plenty of water
    656. sessile [Koen.]J.J.Sm.
    657. -Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Burma, Malaysia, Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Sarawak, Buru, New Guinea, Fiji
    658. shanicum King & Pantling
    659. -Burma
    660. Shweliense W.W.Sm.
    661. -Thailand and China-Alt 1400-2200m- Flowers in October
    662. *sibuyanense Ames
    663. -Philippines
    664. sichybulbon Par.& Rchb.f.
    665. -Thailand and Burma-Alt 1400m
    666. sigmoideum Ames & Schweinf.
    667. -Borneo
    668. *sikkimense [King&Pantl.]J.J.Sm.
    669. -Sikkim
    670. sillemianum Rchb.f.
    671. -Burma, Thailand?
    672. similissimum J.J.Vermuelen
    673. -Borneo-montane forests near ground on base of moss covered trunk and somewhat exposed to sunlight- Alt1300-1500m- Flowers in Oct.
    674. simplicilabellum Seidenf.
    675. -Thailand
    676. *skeatianum Ridl.
    677. -Malaysia -
    678. sopoetanense Schltr.
    679. -Borneo, Sulawesi
    680. sordidum Lindl.
    681. - Colombia
    682. steyermarkii Foldats
    683. - Colombia
    684. *spathulatum [Rolfe] Seidenf.
    685. -Thailand, Sikkim, Vietnam and Laos -Alt 1000m
    686. *stellatum Ames
    687. -Philippines
    688. stenobulbon Par. & Rchb.f.
    689. -Thailand and Vietnam-
    690. stipitatibulbum J.J.Sm.
    691. -Borneo
    692. stormii J.J.Sm.
    693. -Borneo, Sumatra and penisuilar Malaysia-High montane forest wet or dry on bare or mossy branches and generally shaded-Alt1300-1900m- Flowers in June-July and Oct.
    694. streptotriche J.J.Vermuelen
    695. -Borneo- High montane forest bare growing with well shaded site-Alt 1300m- Flowers in Oct. and Dec.
    696. suavissimum Rolfe
    697. - Burma and Thailand- Alt 1200-1700m- deciduous
    698. subclausum J.J.Sm.
    699. -Borneo, Sumatra
    700. subtenellum Seidenf.
    701. Thailand
    702. succedaneum J.J.Sm.
    703. -Borneo
    704. supervanaceum Kraenzl.
    705. *surigaense Anes&Quismb.
    706. -Philippines
    707. *sutepense [Rolfe]Seidenf.& Smit.
    708. -Thailand and Laos
    709. stipitatibulbum J.J.Sm.
    710. -Borneo
    711. *taeniophyllum Par. & Rchb.f.
    712. -Thailand, Upper Burma, Laos, Malaysia, Sumatra, Java and Borneo-
    713. *taiwanensis [Fuk.]Seidenf.
    714. -Taiwan
    715. tenuifolium [Bl.]Lindl.
    716. -Thailand, Malaysia, Java
    717. *thaiorum J.J.Sm.
    718. - Thailand and Upper Burma- Alt 4500'

      ~*thouarsii Lindl. See *B. longiflorum

    719. *thwaitesii Rchb.f.
    720. -Ceylon
    721. thymophorum J.J.Vermuelen & A.Lamb
    722. High montane forests on trunks and main branches of the tallest trees- Alt 1600-1900m-Flowers in June-July
    723. *tigridum Hance
    724. -China
    725. tortuosum [Bl.]Lindl.
    726. - Bhutan, laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Sumatra and Java
    727. tothastes J.J.Vermuelen
    728. - Borneo - Low to medium forests on small branches of shrubs- Alt 5-1300m-Flowers in Sept-Oct and Dec.
    729. transarisanense
    730. - Taiwan - Flowers in Summer - Semi Shade - Warm to Intermediate
    731. tremulum Wight
    732. Similar to Bulbophyllum barbigerum except that the inflorences are shorter. As it's name implies it's lip moves in the slightest breeze. Blooms for 2-3 days in the summer,larger plants with many bulbs will last longer, yet all in all, short but sweet.
    733. *trichocepalum [Schltr.]Tang & Wang
    734. -Thailand and China- Alt 6000ft
    735. tricorne Seidenf.& Smitin.
    736. - India, Thailand and Cambodia- Alt 700m
    737. tricornoides Seidenf.
    738. -Thailand- Alt 1290m- Flowers in Nov-Dec
    739. tridentatum Krzl.
    740. -Thailand-
    741. trifolium Ridl.
    742. -Borneo, W. Malaysia- Low and open vegatation in deep shade on the underneath of long fallen mossy logs with leaves hanging down-Alt 0-2000m-Flowers in Nov.-Feb.,May-June and Sept.
    743. *trimeni [Hk.f.]J.J.Sm.
    744. -Ceylon
    745. tripaleum Seidenf.
    746. Thailand- Alt 1260m- Flowers Mar-Apr.Deciduous by Feb.
    747. *tripudians Par.& Rchb.f.
    748. -Thailand, Burma, Laos, Vietnam- Alt 1000-1700M
    749. triste Rchb.f
    750. -Thailand, India, Sikkim, Nepal, Burma- Alt 560m- Fowers in Mar-Apr- Deciduous by Feb
    751. triviale Seidenf.
    752. -Thailand- Alt 1950m
    753. tumidum J.J.Vermuelen
    754. -Borneo
    755. turgidum J.J.Vermuelen
    756. -Borneo
    757. *umbellatum Lindl.1830
    758. India, Bhutan, Nepal, Sikkim, Tibet, China, Vietman and Taiwan - Alt 4000-6000ft

      ~*umbellatum [Forst.] Hkr.&Arn. - See B. longiflorum

    759. *unciniferum Seidenf.
    760. -Thailand- Alt 1600m
    761. undecifilum J.J.Sm.
    762. -Borneo and Java-high montane forest with moss and well shaded-alt 1500-1700m in Borneo and 600m in Java in low open montane podzolic forest-Flowers July and Nov.-Feb.
    763. unguiculatum Rchb.f.
    764. *?uniflorum [Bl.]Hassk.
    765. -Borneo, W. Malaysia, Java, Sumatra and the Philippines-Hilly and low montane forests well shaded, terrestrial to low epiphyte- Alt 1600-1800m-Flowers in July-Aug, Oct-Dec, and Apr.
    766. *vaginatum [Lindl.]Rchb.f.
    767. - Thailand, Malaysia, Sumatra, Java, Borneo, and the Moluccas-
    768. vermiculare Hook f.
    769. -Borneo, W. Malaysia, and the Philippines
    770. vesiculosum J.J.Sm.
    771. -Borneo, W. Malaysia, and Sumatra-open podzolic forest on waterlogged sandsoil epiphytically in the crown of a small tree on a bare exposed branch-Alt 400m-Flowers Aug-Sept
    772. vinaceum Ames & Schweinf.
    773. -Borneo-Low montane forets-Alt 1000m-Flowers in Dec.
    774. vinosum
    775. -Central America
    776. *virescens J.J.Sm.?
    777. syn binnendijkii -Ambon
    778. viridescens Ridl.
    779. viridiflorum Hayata?
    780. syn pectinatum
    781. *viridiflorum [Hk.f.]Schltr.
    782. -India and Sikkim
    783. wadsworthii Dockrill
    784. -Australia - Alt 700m+ -Rainforest and cloudforest on trunks and branches of trees - High humidity and constant water- Cool to intermediate
    785. wagneri
    786. -Panama
    787. *wallichii Rchb.f.
    788. -India, Bhutan, Nepal, Sikkim, Upper Burma, Thailand- Alt 1100-1800m
    789. wangkaense Seidenf.
    790. - Thailand- Alt 200-300m-
    791. *weberi Ames
    792. -Philippines-
    793. *wendlandianum [Krzl.]Dammer
    794. -Thailand and Burma- Alt 200-1500m- Flowers spring or summer- Moderate bright light- Intermediate to warm
    795. *wightii Rchb.f.
    796. -Ceylon
    797. xylophyllum Par. & Rchb.f.
    798. -Sikkim, Bhutan, Burma and Thailand- Alt 410m
    799. *yoksunense J.J.Sm.
    800. -India, Sikkim, Bhutan and Nepal- Alt 6000-8000ft
    801. *zamboangense Ames
    802. -Philippines

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