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Chysis Page SUBFAMILY Epidendroideae, TRIBE Arethuseae, SUBTRIBE Bletiinae. Chysis is a genus of six or more epiphytic or lithophytic plants found from Mexico south to Peru and east to Andean Venezuela. Chysis is characterized with clustered fusiform pseudobulbs, with distichous and plicate leaves. The inflorescence arises from the side of the old pseudobulb and is laxly racemose and gives rise to a few showy flowers.

Chysis Species List

    The species list below was composed with information from the following sources.

    The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Orchids by Alec Pridgeon. Published by the Timber Press

    The Manual Of Cultivated Orchid Species By Bechtel, Cribb and Launert, Published by The MIT Press

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    Species names that are synonyms of correct species names are denoted with a ~

  1. aurea Lindl.
  2. - Mexico to Panama, Colombia, Venezuela and Peru - Alt 500-1700m - Flowers in Summer -

    ~ var. bractescens [Lindl.]P.H.Allen - see C. bractescens

    ~ var. limminghei Linden &Rchb.f - See C. aurea

    var. maculata Hkr. -

  3. bractescens Lindl.
  4. - Mexico to Nicaragua - Alt 0-850m - Flowers in Mar-Apr.
  5. bruennowiana Rchb.f. & Warsz
  6. -Colombia and Ecuador - Alt 600-1000m
  7. costaricensis
  8. Costa Rica
  9. laevis Lindl.
  10. - Mexico to Nicaragua -
  11. limmingei Linden & Reichb.f.
  12. -

    ~maculata [Hkr.]Fowlie -

  13. makoyi Heynh.
  14. - Mexico
  15. nietana G.Sanchez
  16. - Mexico
  17. x sedeni Rchb.f
  18. - Natural hybrid
  19. thourvaldseii Liebm. Schou.
  20. tricostata Schtlr
  21. - Closely related to C. aurea differs in 3 longitudinal keels on the lip - Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama -Alt 500-1700m
  22. undulata Hort. ex B.S.Wms.

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