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Cleisostoma page

SUBFAMILY Epidendroideae, TRIBE Vandeae, SUBTRIBE Sarcanthinae. One of the largest mini flowered genera of it's subtribe it is widely distributed over the entire tropical Asia and out to the Philippines and south to Australia. This genus is composed of compact small to medium epiphytes that have flat fleshy leaves or terete leaves. The inflorescence can be short or long, simple or branched, erect or pendulous and always multiflowered. The 3-lobed lip is spurred nand has a sort of a foot that is attached to the margins of the side lobes and the short column with a short foot has 4 pollina that are united in 2 round bodies. The genus was established by C. L. Blume in 1825 using Cleisostoma sagittatum as the type species.

Cleisostoma Species List

  1. arietinum
  2. - Thailand - Flowers in Late Summer - Shade - constant moisture
  3. brachybotrya
  4. - Taiwan - Flowers in Spring - Warm - Shade - constant water
  5. elegans Seidenfadden
  6. filiforme [Lindl.]Garay
  7. - India, Burma, Thailand and Laos -
  8. rafcemiferum [Lindl.}Garay
  9. - India, Nepal, Bhutan, S. China, Thailand, Burma, Laos, and Vietnam - Alt 1300-1800m
  10. sagittiforma Garay
  11. A small vanda-like plant with fatter squater leaves that likes warm temps and a wood mount.
  12. scortechinii [Hook.f.]Garay - Thailand and Malaysia
  13. subulata
  14. - Thailand - Flowers in early winter -

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