SECTION Coloratum Dalstrom 2020

"Pseudobulbs generally with 1 apical leaf, rarely 2, and sometimes suffused with dark green to an almost blackish hue. Flowers generally resupinate with pink, reddish purple or red [very rarely yellow] sepals and petals without contrasting colored markings, column with the lower part in the same horizontal plane at he ovary, with a distinct hood and a stigma divided by the rostellum into two separate lobes." Dalstrom, Higgins & Deburghgraeve 2020

Synonyms Cochloida Lindley 1853

Section Nominal Type species = ! = Odontoglossum roseum Lindl. 1844

  1. Odontoglossum gerhardianum Dalström & Deburghgr. 2019 Bolivia

  2. Odontoglossum mixturum (Dalström & Sönnemark) Dalström 2012 Peru, Bolivia

  3. !Odontoglossum noezlianum Mast. ex L. Linden 1890 Peru & Bolivia

  4. Odontoglossum roseum Lindl. 1844 Ecuador and Peru

  5. Odontoglossum vulcanicum (Rchb.f.) Dalström 2012 Colombia, Ecuador, Peru & Bolivia

References W3 Tropicos, Kew Monocot list , IPNI ; The Odontoglossum Story Dalstrom, Higgins & Deburghgraeve 2020