SUBGENUS Cucullatia Luer 2000

"Characterized by the robust habit and a solitary, rather large, strong flower. The inflorescence emerges from the ramicaul a considerable distance from the base. The peduncle is round in cross section. A disinctive, large, inflated, foliaceous, floral bract encloses an abbreviated pedicel, a thickly carinate ovary and the basal portion of the flower. The seplas are rigily fleshy. The apices of the cartilaginous petals are variously thickened, channeled, twisted or verrucose. The lip is divided by marginal folds near the middle to creat an epipchile and a hypochile." Luer 2000


!Masdevallia cucullata Lindley 1846

The Species

  1. Masdevallia cerastes Luer & R. Escobar 1978 Colombia

  2. Masdevallia corniculata Rchb. f. 1878 Colombia, Ecuador

  3. !Masdevallia cucullata Lindley 1846 Colombia, Ecuador

  4. Masdevallia delhierroi Luer & Hirtz 1993 Ecuador

  5. Masdevallia hercules Luer & Andreetta 1988 [1989] Colombia, Ecuador

  6. Masdevallia vidua Luer & Andreetta 1988/9 Ecuador