Epidendrum cardiobatesii Hágsater & Dodson 2004 GROUP Batesii

TYPE Drawing by © Lopez, Hágsater & E.Santiago and The AMO Herbario Website

Part shade Cool LATESummer EARLYFall

Common Name The Heart Shaped Lip E batesii Epidendrum

Flower Size 1" [2.5 cm]

Found in southern Ecuador at elevations around 1800 meters as a medium sized, cool growing epiphyte with cane-like, erect, laterally compressed, slightly flexuous, thin stems producing new stems from the middle to upper internodes of the previous stem carrying 10, all along the stem, subcoriaceous, oblong, subrounded, aristate, margin denticulate, smooth leaves that blooms in the late summer and early fall on a terminal, racemose, sessile, single flowered inflorescence arising on a mature stem, with much shorter the ovary, triangular, acute floral bracts and carrying a single, non-resupinate greenish yellow flower with a snow white lip.

" Epidendrum cardiobatesii belongs to the GROUP Batesii, which is characterized by the main stem with a subapical branching habit, acute leaves, successive flowers, opening one at a time, deep nectary, entire to 3-lobed lip with the lateral lobes more or less fimbriate to erose. The new species has oblong, subrounded leaves, .6 to .64" [15 to 16 mm] long sepals, linear-elliptic, 3-veined, branched petals and a deeply heart-shaped, apiculate lip. It is similar to Epidendrum batesii which has yellow to pinkish tepals with a white lip, 3-lobed lip with the midlobe short and truncate. Epidendrum oxybatesii Hágsater & Dodson has pale, yellowish green, concolor flowers, acuminate tepals, deeply 3-lobed lip with the semiovate, dolabriform, lateral lobes narrower at the junction, crenate to laciniate margin, and an acicular midlobe. Epidendrum acrobatesii Hágsater & Dodson has smaller flowers, the sepals being .44 to .48" [11 to 12 mm] long, narrower, linear-oblanceolate, l-veined petals and a truncate, obcuneate midlobe. Epidendrum silverstonei Hágsater has oblanceolate, rounded, 3-veined petals and an entire, suborbicular, deeply cordate lip. Epidendrum farallonense Hágsater has smaller flowers, and a large, rectangular, truncate midlobe of the lip. Epidendrum laceratum C. Schweinf. has narrow, linear-elliptic leaves, small flowers, .22" to .24" [5.5 to 6 m] long sepals, linear-elliptic, 3-veined petals and an entire, deeply lacerate lip with an entire, triangular-ovate, obtuse apex." Hagsater etal 2004


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