Epidendrum dolichocaulum Hágsater & A.G.Diaz 2018 GROUP Alpicolum SUBGROUP Alpicolum

Flower detail

LCDP Photo /TYPE Photo © by A Diaz and The AMO Herbario Website

Part shade ColdSummer

Common Name The Long Stemmed Epidendrum

Flower Size 1.2" [3 cm]

Found in Peru on the summit of the Cordillera Occidental of the Andes in northern Peru, just east of the Continental Divide, at elevations around 2603 meters as a large sized, cold growing epiphyte with simple, cane-like, terete, sub-erect to pendulous, straight stems carrying 15 to 17, distributed along the upper 2/3 of the stem, articulate, alternate, grasslike, green, with a tubular, minutely striated leaf sheath base; blade linear-lanceolate, acute, margin entire, spreading leaves that blooms in the summer on a terminal, arising through a single, tubular, conduplicate, obtuse spathe, peduncle 2" [5 cm] long, laterally compressed, arching, straight, nearly totally hidden by the spathe 4.4 to 7.2" [11 to 18 cm] long, apical, racemose, arched-nodding, laxly simultaneously 20 to 22 flowered inflorescence with prominent, about half as long as the ovary, linear-triangular, acuminate, embracing flora lbracts qnd carrying resupinate flowers with the sepals and petals yellow, lip ochre-yellow, column green at base, the apex white, anther ochre and with the fragrance not registered

"Epidendrum dolichocaulum belongs to the GROUP Alpicolum SUBGROUP Alpicolum which is characterized by the simple, cane-like stems, 1 to 2 long, narrow spathes, fox-tail-like inflorescence and numerous flowers with fleshy lip, triangular mid-lobe and roundish lateral lobes. The species is recognized by the long stems, nearly 40" [100 cm] long, with 17 to 19 linear-lanceolate leaves to 3.6 to 6" x .32 to /48" [9 to 15 x 0.8 to 1.2 cm], relatively short, laxly flowered inflorescence, the large yellow flowers, long sepals .6 to .8" [15 to 20 mm] long, and the long straight lip, midlobe .336 x .08" [8.4 x 2 mm]; the lip has a relatively long mid-rib with a pair of shorter ribs in front of the calli. Epidendrum cornutum Lindl. has stems to 26" [65 cm] long, 13 to 14 leaves 2.8 to 5.4" x .32 to .56" [7 to 13.5 x 0.8 to 1.4 cm], narrowly oblong-lanceolate, apex acuminate, sepals .4 to .46" [10 to 12.3 mm] long, and mid-lobe of lip .18 x .044" [4.5 x 1.1 mm]; it also has three short ribs on the disc, the lateral ribs slightly longer than the mid-rib. Epidendrum roezlii Hágsater has lanceolate leaves, sepals yellow-green, acute, .28 to .32" x .088 to .12" [7 to 8 x 2.2 to 3.0 mm], lip apricot, the lateral lobes ovate with the margin denticulate. Epidendrum tequendamae F.Lehm. & Kraenzl. has narrower, longer, linear-lanceolate leaves, the flowers are similar in size and proportionately narrower, sepals .304 to .34" x .08 to .092" [7.6 to 8.5 x 2.0 to 2.3 mm] long, elliptic to linear-lanceolate, falcate petals, the lip callus somewhat shorter, and the margin of the lateral lobes entire, column has very prominent, long column wings which are rounded and notched above, with the clinandrium-hood very short, reaching only half the column length. Epidendrum anthoceros Rchb.f. has oblong leaves, spreading sepals .4 to .44" [10 to 11 mm] long, lateral lobes of the lip erose-denticulate, mid-lobe linear-triangular, short acuminate. Epidendrum aenigmaticum Hágsater & Dodson has small flowers, ochre-orange colored inside, lateral sepals .272 to .3" [6.8 to 7.5 mm] long, transversely ovate-elliptic lateral lobes of the lip are upright, with margin entire, and mid-lobe is short and wide." Hagsater etal 2018


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