Epidendrum fagerlindii Hágsater & Dodson 2004 GROUP Andean SUBGROUP Sumacoense

TYPE Drawing by © Jimenez, Hágsater & E.Santiago and The AMO Herbario Website

Partial shade Cold Fall Winter

Common Name or Meaning Fagerlind's Epidendrum [Swedish? Orchid Collector in the 1950's]

Flower Size 1.36" [3.4 cm]

Found in northernmost Ecuador at elevations around 3200 meters as a giant sized, cold growing terrestrial with terete, cane-like, branching, main stem very long with short, flowering branches carrying numerous on the main stem, 5 to 6 on the branches, subcoriaceous, elliptic-lanceolate, unequally bilobed leaves that blooms in the fall to winter on terminal, on the main stem as well as the branches, racemose, nutant, occuring only once, 2.4 to 3.2" [6 to 8 cm] long including the short, terete, naked peduncle, more or less successively to 12 at once, to 25 flowered inflorescence with half as long as the ovary, triangular, acuminate floral bracts and carrying resupinate, pale greenish yellow flowers.

"Epidendrum fagerlindii belongs to the GROUP Andean SUBGROUP Sumacoense which is recognized by having branching stems, bilobed leaves, column adnate to the lip, a three-lobed lip, with the midlobe clearly and deeply bilobed. The new species has large and transversely semiovate lateral lobes of the lip, with an erose margin, the isthmus short so that there is only a very narrow slit between the lateral lobes and the midlobe, .6 to .64" [15 to 16 mm] long sepals, elliptic, erose petals. Epidendrum lawessonii has much smaller suborbicular lateral lobes of the lip, about .16" [4 mm] in diameter, the margin finely dentate. Epidendrum sumacoense Hágsater & Dodson has obcuneate, single veined petals, the lip has a long narrow isthmus, with narrow, subquadrate lobes at the apex of the midlobe. Epidendrum pastoense Schltr. also found in the same general area has acuminate sepals and a narrower lip." Hagsater etal 2004


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