Epidendrum flexuosum G. Mey. 1818 GROUP Secundum SUBGROUP Elongatum

Photo by © Lourens Grobler.

Another Flower angle

Photo by © Jay Pfahl


Drawing by © Jimenez, Hágsater & E.Santiago and The AMO Herbario Website

Common Name The Bent Raceme Epidendrum

Flower Size to about 1" [to 2.5 cm]

Found in Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Trinidad & Tobago, Surinam, Fr Guiana, Guyana, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Brazil in low altitude, wet tropical forests as a large sized, hot to warm growing reed stem epiphyte at an elevations of sea level to 1000 meters with erect, slender or stout, slightly compressed stems carrying erect-spreading, oblong-ligulate to linear-lanceolate, coriaceous, light green leaves that blooms at any time of the year on a simple or branched, 10" [to 25 cm] long, densely many flowered inflorescence with showy, long-lasting, non-resupinate flowers that open in succession over a long period of time.

The caespitose habit with a long peduncle, a racemose inflorescence carrying non-resupinate, reddish-magenta colored flowers with a sub-entire lip that is narrower than long and a striaght column distinguish this species from others.

"Epidendrum flexuosum belongs to the GROUP Secundum SUBGROUP Elongatum , characterized by the caespitose habit, numerous oblong, coriaceous leaves, usually elongate peduncle of the inflorescence with a short raceme of flowers, bicallose lip and caudicles of the pollinia, like a pile of roof-tiles. The species is recognized by the epiphytic plants with linear-oblong leaves, purple, nonresupinate flowers, obovate, unguiculate petals with the margin dentate, and the lip subentire, rectangular-oblong to somewhat 3-lobed. Epidendrum blepharistes Barker ex Lindl. has similar narrow leaves, but the stems are thickened-fusiform at the base, and the inflorescence is paniculate, with small white or purple pink resupinate flowers, lhe lip clearly and deeply 3-lobed. Epidendrum apatotylosum Hágsater, endemic from Costa Rica, also has non-resupinale flowers but these are purple-red, the leaves oblong-elliptic, and the lip wider, flabellate. Epidendrum radicans Pavon ex Lindl. has creeping, terrestrial plants, with the roots produced all along the stems, the resupinate flowers are orange-red, and the leaves are ovate-elliptic, the petals elliptic with an entire margin, and the lip deeply 3-lobed." Hagsater etal

Synonyms Epidendrum buenavistae Kraenzl. 1908; Epidendrum imatophyllum Lindl. 1831 mispell; Epidendrum imantophyllum Lindl. 1831; Epidendrum imetrophyllum Paxton 1837; Epidendrum lorifolium Schltr. 1922; Epidendrum palpigerum Rchb. f. 1879

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