Epidendrum herrenhusanum Hágsater 1999 GROUP Herrenhusanum

Photo by © Rudolf Jenny

TYPE Drawing

TYPE Drawing by © Jimenez and The AMO Herbaria Website

Part Shade Cold Fall

Common Name The Herrenhauser Garden Epidendrum [A Botanical Garden in Hannover Germany]

Flower Size 1.2" [3 cm]

Found in Norte de Santander, Santander and Antioquia departments of Colombia at elevations of 2500 to 2700 meters as a small sized, cold growing epiphyte with erect, simple, laterally compressed stems carrying 2, apical, narrowly elliptic to lanceolate, acute leaves that blooms in the fall on a terminal, erect, racemose, occuring only once, successively 3 to 4, 6 flowered inflorescence with triangular, acute, much shorter than the ovary floral bracts and carrying non-resupinate, yellowish-bronzy flowers with a green column.

"Epidendrum herrenhusanum is part of GROUP Herrenhusanum characterized by the caespitose, sympodial habit, the erect racemose inflorescence subtended by a narrow, long spathe, and non-resupinate flowers. The species is closely related to E. trulliforme, both having apical, erect, racemose infloresences with a spathe, and nonresupinate flowers, but this species can be distinguished by the auriculiform lip with suborbicular lateral lobes separated from the midlobe by narrow sinuses and a ovate-acuminate midlobe. The latter species has an entire lip." Hagsater etal 1999 " Epidendrum clavadista also has narrow, linear-lanceolate leaves .12 to .2" [.3 to .5 cm] wide, small flowers, sepals.,36 to .4" [9 to 10 mm] long, ochre-yellow, the base of the petals white, apex ochre-yellow, the column and lip white, the apex of the column marked in purple, the mid-lobe of the lip triangular. Epidendrum yambrasbambense Hágsater, from Amazonas, Peru, also has very narrow leaves, .12 to .2" [0.3 to 0.5 cm], but greenish white flowers, similar in size, sepals .36 to .4" [9 to 10 mm] long, the lip equally 3-lobed, but the mid-lobe square, apex slightly emarginate; petals free, spreading. Epidendrum veroreveloi Hágsater & Dodson from Ecuador has wider leaves, .64" [1.6 cm] wide, larger copper-green flowers, apical half of the column apple-green, sepals .6 to .64" [15 to 16 mm] long, and lip entire, ovate, base cuneate, apex obtuse, petals free, spreading." adapted from Plate 1609 Hagsater etal 2018


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