Epidendrum incomptoides Ames, F.T.Hubb. & C.Schweinf. 1935 GROUP Arbuscula SUBGROUP Incomptum

Photo by © Iván Moreno-Molina and Carlos Rommel Beutelspacher Baigts LACANDONIA, año 4, vol. 4, no. 1: 5-9, junio 2010Epidendrum incomptoides Ames, F.T. Hubb. & C. Schweinf. (1935): orquídea rara y en peligro de extinción encontrada en Laguna Bélgica, Chiapas, México


Drawing by © Jimenez and The AMO Herbaria Website

Part Shade Hot Warm LATER Spring

Common Name The E incomptum-Like Epidendrum

Flower Size 1.2" [3 cm]

Found in western Chiapas state of Mexico in lowlands on oaks as a small sized, hot to warm growing epiphyte with simple, cane-like, new stem arising from the middle internode of the previous stem, terete, straight, short stem carrying 2 to 5 aggregate towards the apex, articulate, alternate, erect-spreading, oblong-elliptic, acute, subcoriaceous, margin entire leaves that blooms in the later spring on a terminal, erect, occuring only once, racemose, slightly arching, peduncle thin, ancipitous, straight, rachis short, terete, thin, somewhat zig-zag, successively 4, 6 to 8 flowered inflorescence with 1/3 the length of the ovary, linear-lanceolate, acuminate, apically shorter floral bracts and carrying resupinate, fleshy, yellowish brown flowers.

"Epidendrum incomptoides belongs to the GROUP Arbuscula SUBGROUP Incomptum which is characterized by the successive lateral growths produced from the middle of the previous growth, few leaves aggregate towards the apex ot the stems, a short apical inflorescence with fleshy greenish to violet-green flowers with short ovaries, the lip entire to 3- lobed. The species is recognized by the short, thin stems, the oblong-elliptic leaves 1.58 to 2.2" x .32 to .52" [ 3.8 to 5.5 x 0.8 to 1. 3 cm], the inflorescence with 6 to 8 yellowish brown flowers, the bicallose lip reniform with the apex 3-lobed, 5" [12.5 mm] wide with 3 low keels and the ovary slightly inflated. Epidendrum bisulcatum Ames has oblong leaves up to 3.6" [9 cm] long, olive-green flowers with oblong sepals and a suborbicular lip. Epidendrum incomptum Rchb.f. has oblong-elliptic to narrowly oólong leaves up to .52" [13 cm] long, a dense inflorescence witn up to 20 green to purple green flowers, and a 3-lobed, ecallose lip. Epidendrum brenesii Schltr. has oblong leaves, a racemose to paniculate IIlflorescence with up to 40 violet-brown or greenish yellow flowers, a reniform, velutinous lip which is deeply emarginate. Epidendrum dressleri Hágsater from southern Veracruz and Chiapas states of Mexico has non-resupinate, dark green flowers, with the apex of the column, calli and keels yellowish, very long, uninflated ovaries 1 to 1.2" [25 to 30 mm] long, and a subreniform lip .92" [23 mm] wide, apically 3-lobed, with the small midlobe emarginate and thus forming two small rounded lobes." Hagsater etal 2006


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