Epidendrum nudosabanillense Hagsater 2020 GROUP Megalospathum SUBGROUP Tigriphyllum

TYPE Drawing by © R. Jiménez M. and Icones Orchidacearum 18(1) plate 1829 2020

Common Name The Nudo de Sabanilla Epidendrum [a mountain in Zamora Chinchipe province of Ecuador]

Flower Size .52" [1.3 cm]

Found in Loja Province of southern Ecuador in conserved and disturbed wet cloud forest at elevations around 2500 meters as a miniature sized, cold growing, pendent epiphyte with simple, cane-like, terete, the new stems produced from near the base of the previous stem, completely covered by evanescent, imbricating, foliaceous sheathes and carrying about 7, articulate, distichous, spreading, evenly distributed throughout the stems, tubular, infundibuliform, minutely striated sheaths, blade lanceolate, acute, fleshy, entire, light green, transversely barred with purple leaves that blooms in the summer on a terminal, arising through a semi-ovate, conduplicate, oblique, acute spathe, peduncle short, pendent, simultaneously 2 flowered inflorescence carrying resupinate flowers.

"Epidendrum nudosabanillense belongs to the GROUP Megalospathum with pendent plants, fleshy leaves and large, semi-ovate spathes, and SUBGROUP Tigriphyllum which often has the leaves marked with purple transverse bars. The new species is recognized by the petals narrowly oblong, apex rounded, the cordiform lip, the apex widely obtuse, and the nectary penetrating about half the pedicellate ovary, somewhat widened at the perianth and thereafter narrower. Epidendrum calacaliënse Hágsater & Dodson has petals acute, minutely erose margin, and the shallow nectary does not penetrate the ovary. Epidendrum posadorum Hágsater is similar in size but the stems are laterally compressed, flowers light green with red-purple dots on the column, dorsal sepals 3 to 5 veined, petals linear with an acute apex, and the small lip 1.8 to 2.4" x 2 to .32" [4.5 to 6 x 5 to 8 mm] is cordiform with a single large globose callus, and the nectary penetrates about half the ovary. Epidendrum stanhopeanum Kraenzl. has 3 to 4 somewhat larger, light green with rosy-purple flowers, broader sepals, .2" [5 mm] wide, a longer lip, .4 x .6 "[10 x 15 mm], margin denticulate. Epidendrum microtigriphyllum Ocupa, Hágsater & E.Santiago, has larger plants, leaves .4 to 1" [1.0 to 2.5 cm] long, a column straight and clinandrium hood truncate, and a lip cordiform-reniform, widest beyond the middle .56" [14 mm] wide, and base deeply cordate, callus entire, broad." Hagsater etal 2020

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