SUBGENUS Fissia Luer 2000

"Characterized by the small and densely caespitose habit with narrowly linear to narrowly obovate leaves. The peduncles are slnder, terete and sinlge flowered. The ovaries are deeply tortuous-undulate. The sepals are essentially free from each other, Although long-caudate in M picturata, the sepals are tailess in the other species in the subsection. The petals are callous on the labellar margin with the apex sharply tridentate. The lip is oblong and obtuse, with marginal folds near the middle that divide the lip into an epichile and a hypochile." Luer 2000


!Masdevallia picturata Echb.f 1878

The Species

  1. Masdevallia mutica Luer & R.Escobar 1978 Colombia

  2. !Masdevallia picturata Rchb.f 1878 Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, Bolivia and Venezuela

  3. Masdevallia pleurothalloides Luer 1977 Panama