Goodyera rhombodoides Aver. 2007TYPE Drawing by Averyanov and and Taiwania 52: 297 2007

Full shade Cold Fall

Common Name The Rhomboda -Like Goodyera

Flower Size .4" [1 cm]

Found in north Vietnam in primary broad-leaved evergreen forests on granite and shale at elevations of 1900-2400 as a miniature sized, cold growing terrestrial with a stem carrying 3 to 5, basal ovate, acute, velvety dark green to olive green with a distinct white median stripe, gradually narrowing below into the petiolate base leaves that blooms in the fall on a terminal, erect, [23 to 5 cm] long, shortly densely hairy, lax, 3 to 6 flwoered inflorescence with yellowish-hyaline, cuneate, acuminate, sub-glabrous or sparsely hairy, conduplicate floral bracts

In floral structure this species resembles Goodyera foliosa (Lindl.) Benth, but distinctly differs in twice smaller flowers, the small size of plant and in the small, dark velvety green leaves with a distinct white longitudinal median stripe.


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