Myrmechis longii J.D. Ya 2021 - A & B. Plant; C. Leaf; D & E. Flower (front view); F. Flower (dorsal view); G. Flower (lateral view); H. Adaxial sepals and petals; I. Abaxial sepals and petals; J. Column and lip; K. Abaxial lip; L. Adaxial lip; M. Lip (rip cutting); N. Column; O. Anther cap; P. Pollinarium (front view); Q. Pollinarium (dorsal view).

LCDP Photo by Ji Dong Ya

Common Name Long's Myrmechis [Mr. Ming-Feng Long Chinese discoverer of the new species current]

Flower Size .2" [5 mm]

Found in Yunnan province of China in humus-rich places in the limestone forest at an elevation of about 1500 meters as a mini-miniature sized, cool growing terrestrial with a creeping rhizome giving rose to a slender stem carrying 3 to 5, widely spaced, abaxially pale green, adaxially sometimes with a white band along the midvein, orbicular to ovate, acuminate, broadly cuneate below into the petiolate base leaves that blooms in the summer on an erect, sparsely villous, .4 to .6" [1 to 1.5 cm] long, rachis 1 to 2 flowered inflorescence with ovate, glabrous, abruptly acute apcailly shorter than the ovary floral bract and carrying flowers that do not open well.

"M. longii is similar to Myrmechis pumila (Hook. f.) Tang & F.T. Wang in floral morphology, but differs by having white-veined leaves (vs. green-veins), oblong-lanceolate epichile lobes 4.04.2 mm long (vs. oblong and diverging widely, 23 mm long), and viscidium attached to the middle of the caudicle (vs. viscidium attached to the base of the caudicle)." Ji-Dong Ya etal 2021


References W3 Tropicos, Kew Monocot list , IPNI ; *New contributions to goodyerinae and dendrobiinae (orchidaceae) in the Flora of China Ji-Dong Ya, Ting Zhang, Tirtha Raj Pandey, Cheng Liu, Zhou-Dong Han, De-PingYe, De-Ming He, Qiang Liu, Lan Yang, Li Huang, Rong-Zhen Zhang, HongJiang, and Jie Cai 2021 Photo fide;