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We have been creating our 14 karat solid gold coin creations for 30 years here in Key West, Florida.

We have a giant selection of original Charms, Pendants and Cut Coin Jewelry.

Gold Mounted Treasure Coins 24 karat solid gold coins mounted in 14 karat gold settings, all coins are reproductions of 1622 thru 1715 Spanish new world gold, meticulously crafted to make a quality piece of fine jewelry.

24K Treasure Coin Ring 24 karat solid gold. 1715 plate fleet coin reproduction set in a solid 14 karat gold ring mount.

Diamonds We set all types of gemstones including diamonds.

14 Karat gold cut out coins Coins of the world, over 200 varieties all reproduced in 14 karat gold.

14 Karat Gold Hoops for men and women Hoops sold each, not in pairs, Attention men, so you can add one or more. All hoops are solid 14 karat gold. Shackles are one of our specialties, They have screw posts so they function just like the real boat shackles. The size difference is more to accomodate a high lobe pierce than a heavier look. The BGW"s are a 3/4 hoop that really looks as if a large wire passes thru your ear. Seen in the movie Black Orchid starring Mickey Rourke.

Custom Jewelry We specialize in custom jewelry projects, have an idea, let's collaborate and create your fantasy piece. We work in silver gold or platinum and can cast or fabricate your design. E-mail or call 1-800-675-8131.

Tahitian Black Pearls Cultured in the Pacific, rare and desirable, these pearls are beautiful.

Creative Designs We have been creating unique fine jewelry for the last twenty years. The toucan pin is made with a cultured freshwater pearl, with a tsavorite eye set in solid 14 karat mounting.

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Animals - Lions, Cats, Dogs, Horses, etc. Birds - Flamingo, Pelican etc. Coats of Arms Dolphins & Manatees Fish - Sport & Tropical, salt and freshwater Shells - Conchs, Nautilus, Scallop, etc. Ships Other Jewelery Creations Mythical - Pegasus, Neptune, Mermaid, Etc. Sealife- Seahorses, Octopi, Crabs, etc. Nautical - diving, sailing, fishing, etc.

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