SUBGENUS Nidifica Luer 2000

"Characterized by the small, caespitose habit with narrow, obovate leaves, the single flowered peduncle, more or less iflated floral bracts, carinate crested ovaries, sepals connate into a tube with an inflated base created by a long, curved column foot and the lip divided by marginal folds into a hypochile and an epichile, which stands more or less erect within the flower." Luer 2000


!Masdevallia nidifica Rchb.f 1878

The Species

  1. Masdevallia bucculenta Luer 1995 Ecuador

  2. Masdevallia dynastes Luer 1979 Ecuador

  3. Masdevallia lamia Luer & Hirtz 1988 Ecuador

  4. Masdevallia molossoides Kraenzl. 1921 Costa Rica and Panama

  5. Masdevallia molossus Rchb.f. 1877 Colombia

  6. !Masdevallia nidifica Rchb.f 1878 Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru

  7. Masdevallia ophioglossa Rchb. f. 1878 Ecuador

  8. Masdevallia strigosa Königer 1990 Ecuador

  9. Masdevallia ventricosa Schltr. 1915 Ecuador