Oncidium forbesii Hook. 1839 SECTION Crispa

Photo by Lourens Grobler

Flower Closeup

Photo by Carlos Keller

Another Clone

Another Angle

Photo by Jay Pfahl


Common Name Forbes' Oncidium [English Orchid Collector 1800's]

Flower Size to 2 1/2" [6 cm]

Found in Minas Gerais, Espirito Santo, Rio de Janiero, and Sao Paulo states of Brazil from the southeast Atlantic forest at elevations of 50 to 1200 meters as a small to medium sized, warm to cool growing epiphytic species with oblong or elliptic-ovoid, compressed pseudobulbs carrying a single, or rarely 2 apical, lanceolate or oblong-ligulate, coriaceous, acute to mucronate leaves and blooms in the fall on an erect or nodding, to 40"' [100 cm] long, simple or paniculate inflorescence with membranous, triangular, acute bracts.

Very similar to O crispum but differs in having entire column wings and rich chestnut brown flowers that have the margins yellow marbled.

Synonyms Anettea forbesii (Hook.) Szlach. & Mytnik 2006; Brasilidium forbesii (Hook.) Campacci 2006; Gomesa forbesii (Hook.) M.W.Chase & N.H.Williams 2009; Oncidium crispum var. forbesii Burb. 1882; Oncidium cripum var marginatum Hort. ?; Oncidium forbesii Hkr var atratum Linden 1902; Oncidium forbesii Hkr var borwickianum Rchb.f 1879; Oncidium forbesii Hkr var bradshawae Hort. 1902; Oncidium forbesii Hkr var castanea Linden 1899; Oncidium forbesii Hkr var marginatum Hort. 1886; Oncidium forbesii Hkr var maximum Linden & Rodig 1888; Oncidium forbesii Hkr var measursianuim Krzl. 1891; Oncidium forbesii Hkr var moortebeekiense Linden 1899; Oncidium forbesii Hkr var nigricans Linden 1899; Oncidium forbesii Hkr var splendens Hort. 1888

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