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Aerides page

Aerides is found in most of Asia and out to the Philippines and has 19 species, mostly fragrant. They are similar to Vanda in plant form yet their flowers have a forward facing spur. They are best grown in wooden slat baskets with little or no potting media. They are typically intermediate to warm growers.

Aerides Species List

    The species list below was composed with information from the following sources.

    The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Orchids by Alec Pridgeon. Published by the Timber Press

    The Manual Of Cultivated Orchid Species By Bechtel, Cribb and Launert, Published by The MIT Press

    Species names that are synonyms of an accepted species are denoted with a ~.

  1. accuminatissimum Lindl.
  2. - Java

    ~affine Wall - See A. multiflora

    ~affinis Wall see A. multiflora

    ~amplexicaule Lindl. - Sarcochilus lilacinus

    ~ampulleaceum Roxb. - see Ascocentrum ampulleaceum

    ~anceps Lindl. - See Sarcochilus anceps

    ~angustifolium Lindl. - See Sarcochilus angustifolium

    ~appendiculatum Wall. - Sarcochilus appendiculatus

    ~arachnites Sw. - See Sarcochilus moschifera

    ~arachnites Lindl. - See Sarcochilus arachnites

  3. augustianum Rolfe
  4. - Philippines

    ~ballantianum Rchb.f. - See A. suavissimum

  5. bernhardianum Rchb.f.
  6. - Borneo

    ~bicolor ex Lindl. Reinw. - See Vanda furva

  7. biswasianum Ghose & Mukerjee
  8. - Burma
  9. borassi exSm Buch. Ham.
  10. - India

    ~brockessii Heynh. - See A. crispum

    ~brookei Batem. ex Lindl. - See A. crispum

  11. burbidgei Rchb.f Ex Burbage
  12. - Philippines Sulu Isl
  13. calceolare Teijsm.&Binn
  14. - Sumatra

    ~calceolare Buch. Ham. ex Sm. - See Sacolabium calceolare

    ~carnosum Griff. - See Doritis taenialis

    ~compressum Lindl. - See Dendrocola compressa

    ~coriaceum Sw.

    ~cornutum Roxb. see A. odorata

  15. costatum 'Wesk'exSteud.
  16. - India

  17. crassifolia Parish & Rchb.f.
  18. - Burma and Thailand - Alt 200-1300m - Flowers in Summer - Fragrant - Intermediate to Warm - Water while in growth reduce in winter for rest - Slat Basket
  19. crispum Lindl.
  20. - Closely related to A. maculosa and A. multiflora but with larger flowers

    ~cristatum Wall. ex Hk.f. - See Vanda cristata Lindl.

    ~cylindricum Hkr.- See Aerides vandarum

  21. cylindricum Lindl.
  22. - India

    ~dalzelliana [Santap.]Garay - See Sarcochilus dalzelliana

  23. falcata Lindl.
  24. fieldingii
  25. - Closely related to A. multiflora - Sikkim, Bhutan, Nepal and India - Flowers in late spring

    ~feildingii Wms. - See A. rosea

  26. flabellatum Rolfe
  27. - Thailand - Alt 1000m - Flowers in Summer - Intermediate - moderate to bright light
  28. jarckiana Scltr.
  29. - The Philippines - Epiphyte
  30. [Sediera] japonicum Rchb. f.
  31. krabiensis
  32. ~lobbii Hort. see A. multiflora

  33. maculosa Lindl.
  34. - Closely related to A. multiflora - India - Flowers in early summer - medium sized epiphyte
  35. multiflora Roxb.
  36. - Closely related to A. feildingii, A. maculosum and A. rosea but distinguished by very acute midlobe of it's very different colored flowers- Tropical Himalayas, India, Thailand, Indo-China and Burma - Large erect to pendulous epiphyte -
  37. odorata Lour.
  38. - Tropical Himalayas, S.E. Asia, Java, S. China, Malay archipeligo and the Philippines - epiphyte

    var. lawrenciae Rchb. f.

    var. alba

  39. quinquevulnera Lindl.
  40. rosea Lodd. ex Lindl.
  41. - closely allied to A. multiflora - India, Burma, S.China, Thailand, Vietnam and Laos - epiphyte
  42. sanderanum
  43. ~tigona Klotsch see A. multiflora

  44. vandarum Rchb. f.
  45. - Cool grower

    ~veitchii Hort. - see A. multiflora

    ~williamsi Warner - see A. rosea

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