Epidendrum sanchoi Ames 1923 GROUP Ramosum SUBGROUP Rugosum

Drawing by Mora & Atwood and The Swiss Orchid Foundation at the Jany Renz Herbaria Website


Type sheet courtesy of the Epidendra Website , Copyright 2002 All rights reserved


Common Name or Meaning Sancho's Epidendrum [Costa Rican Orchidist 1900's]

Flower Size .2" [5 mm]

Found in Costa Rica and Panama in lower montane forests at elevations of 1200 to 1800 meters as a medium sized, cool growing epiphyte with stems enveloped by verrucose leaf bearing sheaths and carrying 2 to 4, mostly near the branch tips, elliptic to linear-ligulate, emarginate apically leaves that blooms in the late spring and late fall on a terminal, fractiflex, few flowered inflorescence.

The bushy, compact plants that are many branched, the clasping, shorter than the ovary floral bracts, the 1 to 5 flowered inflorescence with lanceolate segments and a triangular lip with the basal angles rounded.

"Epidendrum sanchoi is part of GROUP Ramosum which is characterized by the monopodial, branching stems, the spike-like, distichous inflorescence, and the single callus, and the SUBGROUP Rugosum which has a branching habit with few-flowered inflorescence from short, secondary stems, the leaf-sheaths rugose. is closely related to Epidendrum monophlebium and can be recognized by its branching stems, 4 to 6 flowered distichous raceme, pale green flowers, petals that are 3-veined and the lip cordate at the base, ecallose with 3 thickened veins. Epidendrum monophlebiumhas a similar overall appearance but differs in the , linear, l-veined petals and triangular lip with the base truncate, and the 3-dentate callus. Epidendrum nutantirhachis Ames & c. Schweinf. is wider overall, the leaves being .2 to .6" [5 to 15 mm] wide and the sepals .24 to .36" [6 to 9 mm] long." Adapted from Epidendrum monophlebium Icones Plate 358 Hagsater etal 1999

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