Epidendrum volutum Lindl. & Paxton 1851-52 GROUP Coilostylis Photo by Machiela and The Orchid Board Website


Common Name The Rolled Lip Epidendrum

Flower Size to 1" [to 2.5 cm]

This small sized, cool growing epiphytic species is found in Costa Rica and Panama at elevations of 1000 to 1200 meters on the Pacific slope with cylindric pseudobulbs carrying a single, apical, erect, ligulate, acute, coriaceous leaf that blooms in the late winter and spring on a terminal, erect to gracefully arching, short to 6" [to 15 cm] overall, rachis to 3.6 to 4.4" [9 to 11 cm] long, laxly several flowered inflorescence arising on a new growth with fragrant, long-lived flowers.

Withion my framework this species would be better placed within the genus Coilostylis but to date has not been named as such.

Distinguished by the 2 to 3 apical, 2.4 to 3.2" [6 to 8 cm] long, oblong-lanceolate leaves, the 1.2" [3 cm] wide flowers the greenish brown lip with a white disc that is indistinctly trilobed and apicualte.

Synonyms Epidendrum radlkoferianum Schltr. 1921 Repert. Sp. Nov. Regni. Veg. Beih. 17: 42. Panama Schlechter 1922; The Genus Epidendrum Ames 1936; The Orchids of Panama L.O. Williams & P Allen 1946; Ceiba Vol 5 No 1 L O Williams 1956; Encyclopedia of Cultivated Orchids Hawkes 1965; Field Guide to the Orchids of Costa Rica and Panama Dressler 1993; Manual de las Plantas de Costa Rica Vol 3 Hammel, Grayum, Herrera and Zamora 2003; Icones Orchidacearum Vol 11 Plate 1198 Hagsater & Sanchez 2008 drawing fide