GROUP Aquaticum

Characterized by the monopodial, branching habit, the distichous, erect inflorescence, with fleshy flowers, and the disc of the lip and/or nectary often pilose. The species is recognized by the lanceolate leaves 3.5-17 x 1-1.8 cm, rugose above, glaucous underside, inflorescences erect, distichous, usually racemose, sepals partly spreading, 9-12 mm long, petals linear and reflexed, lip 3-lobed, lateral lobes hemielliptic, mid-lobe triangular lanceolate

  1. Epidendrum alsum Ridl.1886 Venezuela and Guyana

  2. Epidendrum aquaticum Lindl. 1843 Brazil

  3. Epidendrum aquaticoides C.Schweinf. 1943 Peru

  4. Epidendrum bractiacuminatum Hágsater & Dodson 1999 Costa Rica

  5. Epidendrum campylorhachis Hágsater & Dodson 2004 Ecuador

  6. Epidendrum commelinispathum Carnevali & Romero 2000 Venezuela

  7. Epidendrum dendrobioides Thunb. 1818 The Leewards, the Windwards, Guyana, Venezuela and Brazil

  8. Epidendrum durum Lindl. 1841 West Indies, Venezuela, Guyana, and Brazil

  9. Epidendrum lindae Hágsater & Dodson 1999 Colombia, Ecuador and Peru

  10. Epidendrum lindamazonicum Hágsater & G.Calat. 2010 Peru

  11. Epidendrum rugulosum Schltr. 1920 Colombia, Ecuador and Peru

  12. Epidendrum stenocalymmum Hagsater & Dodson 2004 Peru

  13. Epidendrum welsii-windischii Pabst 1975 Brazil