GROUP Aquaticum

Characterized by the monopodial, branching habit, the distichous, erect inflorescence, with fleshy flowers, and the disc of the lip and/or nectary often pilose. The species is recognized by the lanceolate leaves 3.5-17 x 1-1.8 cm, rugose above, glaucous underside, inflorescences erect, distichous, usually racemose, sepals partly spreading, 9-12 mm long, petals linear and reflexed, lip 3-lobed, lateral lobes hemielliptic, mid-lobe triangular lanceolate

  1. Epidendrum alsum Ridl.1886 Venezuela and Guyana

  2. Epidendrum aquaticum Lindl. 1843 Brazil

  3. Epidendrum bractiacuminatum Hágsater & Dodson 1999 Costa Rica

  4. Epidendrum campylorhachis Hágsater & Dodson 2004 Ecuador

  5. Epidendrum dendrobioides Thunb. 1818 The Leewards, the Windwards, Guyana, Venezuela and Brazil

  6. Epidendrum lindae Hágsater & Dodson 1999 Colombia, Ecuador and Peru

  7. Epidendrum lindamazonicum Hágsater & G.Calat. 2010 Peru

  8. Epidendrum rugulosum Schltr. 1920 Colombia, Ecuador and Peru

  9. Epidendrum stenocalymmum Hagsater & Dodson 2004 Peru