SUBGENUS Specklinia SECTION Mentosae Luer 1986

Characterized by the loose, successively flowered, racmose inflorescence witha prominent chin formed by the bases of the sepals connate tothe column foot. The lip is cuneate and the clongate column is cucullate.

  1. Pleurothallis aryter Luer 1976 Costa Rica Colombia and Peru

  2. Pleurothallis curti-bradei Pabst 1956 Brazil

  3. Pleurothallis determannii Luer 1982 Guyana, Surinam, Para' Brazil, Bolivia and Ecuador

  4. Pleurothallis mentigera Kraenzl. 1911 Brazil

  5. Pleurothallis miragliae Leite 1947 Brazil

  6. Pleurothallis mouraeoides Hoehne 1938 Brazil

  7. Pleurothallis quadridentata (Barb.Rodr.) Cogn. 1896 Brazil

  8. Pleurothallis rupicola [L.Kollmann ] comb novo Pfahl 2013 Brazil