SECTION Jensoa [Raf.] Schlechter 1924

This section is characterized by terrestrial speceis with flowers carrying 4 pollina in 2 unequal pairs and a lip with 2 callus ridges converging towards the apex making a short tube at the base of the mid-lobe. The leaves have a papillose on the abaxial, epidermal suface of the leaf and the stomatal coverings are circular and project beyond the surface of the epidermis. The seed is also characteristic and is elongate and thread-like and the seed capsules are erect instead of pendulous.

  1. Cymbidium acuminatum M.A.Clem. & D.L.Jones 1996 New Guinea

  2. Cymbidium cyperifolium Lindl.1833 - Nepal, Bhutan, India, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Guangdong, Hainan, Guangxi, Guizhou, and Yunnan China, Vietnam and the Philippines

  3. Cymbidium defoliatum Y.S.Wu & S.C.Chen 1991 - China

  4. Cymbidium ensifolium [L]Swartz 1799 - Japan, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos to Sumatra and Java

  5. Cymbidium faberi Rolfe 1896 - Nepal, northern India, China, Taiwan and N Vietnam

  6. Cymbidium goeringii [Rchb.f]Rchb.f 1864 - northwestern India, Bhutan, China, Taiwan, Ryukyu Islands, Japan and Korea

  7. Cymbidium haematodes Lindl. 1833 Hainan and Yunnan provinces of China as well as India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Laos, Indonesia and New Guinea

  8. Cymbidium kanran Makino 1902 - north Vietnam and southern China

  9. Cymbidium micranthum Z.J.Liu & S.C.Chen 2004 Yunnan China

  10. Cymbidium munroanum King & Pantl. 1895 - See Assam and the eastern Himalayas

  11. Cymbidium nanulum Y.S.Wu & S.C.Chen 1991 China

  12. Cymbidium nishiuchianum Makino ex J.M.H.Shaw 2002 China

  13. Cymbidium omeiense Y.S.Wu & S.C.Chen 1966 China

  14. Cymbidium qiubeiense K.M.Feng & H.Li 1980 - South China

  15. Cymbidium serratum Schltr. 1919 south China and Taiwan

  16. Cymbidium sinense [And.] Willd. 1805 - China and Northern Vietnam

  17. Cymbidium teretipetiolatum Z.J.Liu & S.C.Chen 2002 southern Yunnan China

  18. Cymbidium tortisepalum Fukuy. 1934 southcentral China and Taiwan