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SUBFAMILY Epidendroideae, TRIBE Vandeae, SUBTRIBE Sarcanthinae. There are 70 species of the monopodial genus Vanda and they are spread from India in the west to the NE tip of Australia to the south and then north to China. The genus was established by Sir W. Jones in 1795 and his type species is Vanda roxburghii. There are two distinct types of the genus Vanda, one is the strapleafed variety represented by Vanda Luzonica pictured below and the other is the terete leafed variety represented by Vanda teres. Both types like some direct sun but the terete type requires 3-4 hours minimum of direct sun to flower regularly. The parts of the Vanda flower are, labellum {#1}, lateral sepal {#2}, petal {#3}, dorsal sepal {#4}, anther cap with pollina beneath {#5}, and the throat {#6}.

As a rule most Vandas prefer a slat wooden basket with not much medium over the roots and steady water, fertilizer and humidity year round. Most all Vandas appreciate direct sunlight at some time during the day and some can tolerate full sun all day. Generally a plant with more terete [tubular] leaves likes more direct sunlight than a Vanda that is strap leafed or has a "V" shape in cross-section.

Vanda Species List

    The species list below was composed with information from the following sources.

    The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Orchids by Alec Pridgeon. Published by the Timber Press

    The Manual Of Cultivated Orchid Species By Bechtel, Cribb and Launert, Published by The MIT Press

    Growing Orchids, Book 3, J.N. Rentoul, published by Lothian Species names that are synonyms of an accepted species are denoted with a ~.

    ~alpina Lindl. - Now Trudelia alpina - Sikkim - Alt 1000-1750m - Cool grower

  1. amesiana Rchb.f.
  2. - Burma, Cambodia, Laos, China and Thailand - Alt 1200- 1600m - Lithophytic - Full sun
  3. coerulea Griff ex Lindl.
  4. - India, Burma, and Thailand - Alt 800-1700m - Medium Sized Epiphyte - Stunted trees - Full sun - Intermediate to Cool - Blooms in Autumn
  5. coerulescens Griff.
  6. -NE. India, S. China, Burma and Thailand - Alt 300-800m - a minature Epiphyte - Bright light and some direct sun

    ~cristata - Now Trudelia cristata Garay - Bhutan, Nepal and Sikkim - Blooms in Spring to Summer - Alt 1500-2000m - Intermediate - Bright light ample water when in growth with a dry winter rest - minature

  7. dearei Rchb.f.
  8. - Borneo - Alt 100-800m - Blooms in Summer but can be variable - Hot grower -
  9. denisoniana Benson & Rchb.f
  10. - Burma - Alt 600-750m - Blooms in Spring - Intermediate

    var. hebraica Benson and Rchb.f. - Burma - Cream colored blooms

  11. hindsii Bentham
  12. - NE Australia and Papua New Guinea - Alt 200-500m -Closely related to merrillii- Blooms in late Spring to Summer - Hot grower
  13. lamellata Lindl.
  14. - The Philippinesa and N. Borneo - Epiphyte - Alt 0-300m - Blooms in winter - Warm grower

    var. boxallii - The Philippines - Epiphyte - longer and narrower leaves and the flowers are brighter and have rose purple from midlobe to the lip

  15. lilacina Teijsmann & Binn
  16. - Burma, Thailand, Indochina and China - Flowers in Winter - Alt 100m-1000m - Warm to Intermediate - Minature - Bright light - open slat basket - water year round

    ~loatica - See V. lilacina

  17. luzonica Loher
  18. - The Philippines - Flowers in Spring - Warm Grower
  19. merrillii Ames & Quismb.
  20. - The Philippines - Closely related to hindsii - Flowers in Spring

    ~pumila - Now Trudelia pumila - India, Bhutan and Thailand - Alt 600m - Blooms in Winter - Intermediate - Small epiphyte - minature

  21. roeblingiana
  22. - Luzon Philippines - Alt 1200-1500m - Flowers in Summer - Intermediate -
  23. sanderana Rchb.f.
  24. - AKA Euanthe sanderiana -
  25. stangeana Rchb.f.
  26. - India and Nepal - Alt 1200-1500m - Intermediate - Flowers in Spring -

    ~striata Rchb.f. - See V. cristata

    ~suaveolens Blume - See tricolor

    ~suavis Lindl. - See tricolor

  27. teres [Roxb.] Lindl.
  28. -

    var alba

    var. andersoni

  29. tessellata [Roxb.]G. Don
  30. - India, Sri Lanka, Burma and Malaysia - This is the type species for Vanda

    ~tesselloides [Roxb.]Rchb.f. - See tessellata

  31. tricolor Lindl.
  32. - Java, Bali and Laos - Flowers in Autumn to Winter - large erect lithophytic, epiphytic and terrestrial plant - A variable species - Warm grower

    var. insignis - Moluccas and Timor - Yellow green flowers blotched with brown and a red purple labellum

    var. planilabris Lindl. - flat, rose or magenta, lip

    var. suavis [Lindl.]Veitch - white background with few spots of color and a purple lip

    ~whiteana - See Hindsii

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