Vanilla yersiniana Guillaumin & Sigaldi 1964 SUBGENUS Xanata SECTION Tethya

Drawing by Averyanov and The orchids of Vietnam. Illustrated survey. Part 3. Subfamily Epidendroideae (primitive tribes Neottieae, Vanilleae, Gastrodieae, Nervilieae) Website


Common Name The Yersin du Hon Ba Vanilla [a Town in southern Vietnam]

Flower Size 2.4 to 3.2" [6 to 8 cm]

Found in Thailand and Vietnam in primary and secondary evergreen lowland forests as a large to giant sized, hot to warm growing epiphytic creeping vine with an elongate stem carrying broadly lanceolate to narrowly ovate leaves that blooms in the late winter and earlier spring on a .4 to 1.2" [1 to 3 cm] long, few flowered inflorescence carrying white flowers with a greenish tint.

" This rare species very close to Indonesian V. albida Blume (reported from Java and Sumatra), from which it differs in more or less attenuate leaves, whitish flowers and in scarcely developed papillae on lip apex." Turczaninowia 2011, 14(2) : 15100 Averyanov 2011

"A common species in Indochina which is readily distinguished by its lanceolate, long-acuminate leaves and whitish flowers with scarcely developed papillae on the lip apex. The narrow, elongate funnelshaped flowers are different from those of most other Asian species, except its close allies V. montana, V. albida and V. andamanica. Good photographs and illustrations can be found in Seidenfaden and Wood (1992) and Seidenfaden (1978, fig. 87) who considered it as conspecific with V. albida, a different species from Java. V. albida has greener tepals and different papillae at the apex of the lip (see pictures in Comber, 1990)." Soto Arenas & Cribb 2010


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