Epidendrum longicrure Schltr. 1920 GROUP Pseudepidendrum SUBGROUP Paniculatum

Photo by © Padre Pedro Ortiz

TYPE Drawing

TYPE Drawing by Schlechter

Common Name The Long Shin Bone Epidendrum

Flower Size .6” [1.5 cm]

Found in Cauca department of Colombia at elevations around 2000 meters as a medium sized, cool to cold growing epiphyte with simple, cane-like, terete stems carrying in the upper half, 7, patent, oblong to lanceolate-elliptic, acuminate, thin leaves that blooms on an erect, paniculate, 3 to 4 branched, peduncle 1.6 to 2" [4 to 5 cm] long, with 2 to 3, basal bracts, laxly many flowered inflorescence with triangular, acuminate, much shorter than the ovary floral bracts and carrying glabrous, brownish green flowers.

" Epidendrum longicrure Schltr. is part of the GROUP Pseudepidendrum SUBGROUP Paniculatum characterized by the caespitose habit with cane-like stems carrying acute to acuminate leaves usually booming on an apical inflorescence and carrying flowers with filiform petals, and a usually 3 lobed lip with 3 parallel fleshy keels, with the apical lobe often bifurcate and the "bird wing" type pollina. The species has strongly reflexed sepals, flowers greenish brown, the lateral lobes of the lip dolabriform, and the mid-lobe formed by a pair of oblong lobes with the margin entire. Epidendrum bispathulatum has very long, many leaved, tall stems, the large panicle with spreading branches, greenish yellow and white flowers, not marked with purple, and especially the bilobed mid-lobe of the lip with the lobes spatulate, widened towards the apex and obliquely truncate, the apical margin erose. Epidendrum cirrhochilum F. Lehm. & Kraenzl. has shorter stems, fewer, proportionately narrower, acuminate leaves, and similar flowers, but the lateral lobes and lobes of the mid-lobe long and cirrhose, the lip has a circular purple ring surrounding the disc of the lip. Epidendrum cirrochiloides Hágsater & E.Santiago from Panama has larger, wider leaves, white to greenish flowers, the lip with purple stripes on the disc, and the apex of the lobes of the lip acuminate, the margin entireEpidendrum cirrhohirtzii Hágsater & E.Santiago has smaller greenish yellow flowers with sepals .2 to .24" [5 to 6 mm] long, the lip pale yellow, with the apices of the lobes cirrhose." Adapted from E bispathulatum Plate 1307 Hagsater etal 2010


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