SUBGENUS Meleagris Luer 1986

"Characterized by the relatively thin, coriaceous leaves with the petiole distinctly conduplicate. The slender peduncle is round in cross section, and commonly ascende the groove. A few, successive flowers are bournein a lax raceme. The dorsal sepal is essentially free from the lateral sepals, similar to that of M picturata. The lateral sepals are connate to each other at the base where the blades are deflexed from a shallow cup beneatht the free tip of the column foot. The petals are variously callous along the labellar margin. The lip is delicately hinged beneath by a thin strap to the extension of the column foot." Luer 2000


!Masdevallia meleagris Lindl. 1845

The Species

  1. Masdevallia alexandri Luer 1980 Ecuador

  2. Masdevallia anisomorpha Garay 1970 Colombia

  3. Masdevallia fasciata Rchb. f. 1881 Colombia

  4. Masdevallia heteroptera Rchb.f. 1875 Colombia

  5. Masdevallia hortensis Luer & R.Escobar 1984 Colombia

  6. !Masdevallia meleagris Lindl. 1845 Colombia

  7. Masdevallia milagroi Luer & Hirtz 2003

  8. Masdevallia pantomima Luer & Hirtz 2001 Ecuador

  9. Masdevallia parvula Schltr. 1921 Colombia, Ecuador, Peru

  10. Masdevallia planadensis Luer & R.Escobar 1988 Colombia, Ecuador

  11. Masdevallia ruthiana (Luer & Sijm) J.M.H.Shaw 2014 Peru

  12. Masdevallia segurae Luer & R.Escobar 1978 Colombia

  13. Masdevallia ximenae Luer & Hirtz 1991 Ecuador