Pleurothallis endotrachys Rchb.f 1876 SUBGENUS Empusella Luer 1986 TYPE for the SUBGENUS

Photo by Adam Karremans

Plant and Judy Carney

Photo by Weyman Bussey, plant grown by Judy Carney.

Drawing of Specklinia endotrachys

Drawing by R Solano and Icones Orchidacearum fascile 10 plate 1092 Hagsater & Soto 2008


Common Name The Bristly Pleurothallis

Flower Size 1/2" [1.25 cm]

Found only in Costa Rica on trunks of large trees in cloud forests at elevations of 1300 to 2500 meters as a miniature sized, cool to cold growing, caespitose epiphytic species with clustered, stout, short, sulcate stems carrying a single, apical, fleshy, oblanceolate, obtuse or subacute as well as tridentate apicaly, gradually narrwos below into the conduplicate, petiolate base leaf that blooms in the summer on an erect when new, pendant as successive flowers open and the stalk lengthens, that is longer than the leaves and has a fractiflex rachis and conduplicate bracts, stout, 5" to 14" [12.5 to 35cm] long, apical, racemose, few to many [10] successively single, several flowered, inflorescence with conspicuous, oblique compressed, subsacute, shorter than the pedicel flloral bracts .

NOTICE In regards to the thin apicule that protrudes from the apex of the petal, only this species and P spectabilis have this feature, but it has the lateral sepals that arch and twist and P deuterodunstervillei has the lateral sepals arched but straight.

P endotrachys is part of the P. endotrachys complex and closely related species, P deuterodunstervillei, P pfavii, P deeteroremotiflora, P juddii, P fulgens, P spectabilis, P guanacastensis and P montezumae. The true P endotrachys is endemic to Costa Rica and can be recognized by the spreading, non-twisting lateral sepals and apically emarginate petals with a long, conspicuous apicule.

Synonyms Empusella endotrachys (Rchb.f.) Luer 2004; Humboldtia endotrachys [Rchb.]O. Ktze. 1891; Humboltia endotrachys (Rchb. f.) Kuntze 1891; Specklinia endotrachys (Rchb.f.) Pridgeon & M.W.Chase 2001;

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