SUBGENUS Dracontia Luer 1986

Characterized by the caespitose habit and a ramicaul as long or longer than the leaf and an inflorescence that arises from the ramicaul through a spathe with or without a distinct annulus a short distance below the abscission layer. The spathe subtending the inflorescence is large conspicuous and foliaceous in 3 species. The relatively large flowers are bourne successively or simultaneously in loose, racememes with flowers that have tailess sepals but some speceies have a dorsal sepal with narrowly acute apices. The lateral sepals are connate from midway to deeply connate into a synsepal that is shortly bifid at the apex. The column is relatively short and often thickened towards the base and the well developed foot has a more or less free tip that is sometimes curved and reminiscent of the free-incurved extension of the column foot seen in Masdevallia. The anther is subapical or ventral with a pair of free, ovoid pollina other than in P macrantha that has a conspicuously elongated anther cap and the stigma is ventral in all spcies of the section.

Divided into three sections

    SUBGENUS Dracontia Luer 1986 SECTION Brodingnagia

    Characterized by the large leaves, ramicauls and flowers and the elongated petals that are longitudinally carinate on the inner surface.

  1. Pleurothallis grandis Rolfe 1918 Costa Rica

  2. Pleurothallis powellii Schltr. 1922 Costa Rica and Panama

    SUBGENUS Dracontia Luer 1986 SECTION Cylindria

    Characterized by the lip with longitudinal involute sides that create a tube.

  3. Pleurothallis macrantha L.O. Williams 1941 Costa Rica and Panama

    SUBGENUS Dracontia Luer 1986 SECTION Dracontia

    Separated by the broad, obtuse, concave, usually conspicuously three veined petals and a fleshy, more or less verrucose, subcylindrical anterior lobe of the lip with erect, obtuse lobes below the middle.

  4. Pleurothallis aenigma [Karremans & M.Díaz] in ed. Costa Rica

  5. Pleurothallis carllueriana [Karremans] in ed Costa Rica

  6. Pleurothallis carnosilabia A.H.Heller & A.D.Hawkes 1966 Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama

  7. Pleurothallis cobanensis Schltr.1912 Mexico, Belize, Guatemala,Nicaragua and Costa Rica

  8. Pleurothallis conochila Luer 1996 Costa Rica

  9. Pleurothallis dies-natalis [Karremans & M.Díaz] in ed. 2017 Costa Rica

  10. Pleurothallis dracontea Luer 1981 Costa Rica

  11. Pleurothallis fortunae Luer & Dressler 1991 Panama

  12. Pleurothallis hydra {Karremans and C M Sm.] in ed. Costa Rica

  13. Pleurothallis ingramii Luer 1996 Costa Rica

  14. Pleurothallis kelloggii Archila 2012 Guatemala

  15. Pleurothallis macrantha L.O. Williams 1941

  16. Pleurothallis mammillata Luer 1976 Panama

  17. Pleurothallis montis-mortensis (Karremans & Bogarín) in ed. Costa Rica

  18. Pleurothallis neopileata [Karremans and Bogarin] in ed. Costa Rica

  19. Pleurothallis oblongifolia Lindl. 1837 Cuba, Dominican Republic and Jamaica

  20. Pleurothallis pachyglossa Lindl. 1840 Mexico, Guatemala and Costa Rica

  21. Pleurothallis papillifera Rolfe 1916 Costa Rica Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua

  22. Pleurothallis perennis Luer 1996 Costa Rica

  23. Pleurothallis platystylis Schltr. 1912 Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica

  24. Pleurothallis ramonensis Schltr. 1923 Costa Rica

  25. Pleurothallis thymochila Luer 1977 Panama

  26. Pleurothallis tintinnabula Luer 1996

  27. Pleurothallis tuerckheimii Schltr. 1912 Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Costa Rica and Panama

  28. Pleurothallis viridi-flava [Karremans & Bogarin] in ed Costa Rica