SUBGENUS Elongatia Luer 1986

Characterized by the elongate, racemose inflorescence that is successively and simultaneously flowered and arises from the ramicaul with an annulus. The lateral sepals are connate into a synsepal and the base of the lip is broadly adnate to the short, thick, pedestal-like column foot which carries a elongate column with usually prominent wings.

  1. Pleurothallis atrohiata Dod 1989 Haiti

  2. Pleurothallis carpinterae Schltr. 1923 Costa Rica and Panama

  3. Pleurothallis deuterodriessenii J.M.H.Shaw 2017 Panama

  4. Pleurothallis excelsa Garay 1968 Colombia and Ecuador

  5. Pleurothallis guttata Luer 1976 Ecuador

  6. Pleurothallis holtonii Luer 1994 Cundinamarca Colombia

  7. Pleurothallis janetiae Luer 1979 Costa Rica

  8. Pleurothallis niesseniae Luer 2001 Colombia

  9. Pleurothallis restrepioides Lindl. 1836 Colombia, Ecuador and Peru

  10. Pleurothallis sijmii Luer 2002 Peru

  11. Pleurothallis superbiens Luer 1994 Ecuador