Epidendrum uleinanodes Hágsater 1999 GROUP Nanodes

Photo by © Eric Hunt, plant grown by Judy Carney

TYPE Drawing

TYPE Drawing by © Jimenez, Hágsater & E.Santiago and The AMO Herbario Website


Common Name Ule's Dwarf-Like Epidendrum [German Plant Collector late 1800's]

Flower Size 5/8" [1.5 cm]

Found in Peru and Brazil in wet montane forests at elevations around 1850 meters as a miniature sized, cool growing epiphyte or rarely terrestrial orchid with short, simple, erect, cane-like, flexuous, new stems arise from the base of the anterior stems concealed 6 to 7, all along the stem, by distichous, imbricating, succulent, rigid, purple tinted along the margins in in more sun, lanceolate, acute, basally clasping leaves that and blooms in the summer and early fall on a terminal, on a mature cane, occuring only once, compact, sessile, simultaneously 2 flowered inflorescence carrying, resupinate flowers without fragrance data.

"Epidendrum uleinanodes is part of GROUP Nanodes characterized by the caespitose to creeping sympodial plants with the short stems enveloped completely by the base of the non articulate, flesshy, imbricate leaves and having a sessile, few flowered inflorescence. The species is closely related to Epidendrum schlechterianum Ames, and is distinguished by its smaller flowers, prominently winged column and the deeply fimbriate clinandriumEpidendrum oxynanodes Hágsater has larger flowers, the sepals being some-8" [2 cm] long, but distinguished by the long acuminate sepals and petals, and the column not winged, the clinandrium entire. Epidendrum schlechterianum Ames, has oblong, acute sepals and petals. Other species in this group such as E. gonzalez-tamayoi Hágsater, E. congestum Rolfe, E. congestoides Ames & e. Schweinf. and E. longirepens (C. Schweinf.) C. Schweinf., all have smaller flowers, the sepals being less than .48 " [12 mm] long, none have the prominent wings at the apex of the column. Epidendrum medusae (Rchb. f.) Pfitzer has much large flowers with a prominent fimbriate lip." Hagsater etal 1999

Synonyms Epidendrum schizoclinandrium D.E.Benn. & Christenson 2001

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