Epidendrum schlechterianum Ames 1924 GROUP Nanodes Photo by © Lourens Grobler

Another Flower???

Plant and Flower?? Photo by © Danny Lentz, plant grown by the Atlanta Botanical Garden

Full shade HotSpring toSummer

Common Name Schlechter's Epidendrum [German Taxomonist early 1900's]

Flower Size 1 1/4" [2 to 3 cm]

A miniature sized, hot growing, epiphytic or occassional lithophytic species found only in Panama [See Below] in humid oak forests, drier, open areas and dense rainforests on trees and rocks at elevations of sealevel to 360 meters with clustered, leafy, branching stems enveloped by imbricate leaf bases carrying distichous, fleshy-coriaceous, ovate-lanceolate, acute, beaded surface, slightly serrated margin, sharp mucro apically leaves that blooms in the spring and summer on an apical, single flowered, short inflorescence that has 2 erect flowers.

Best grown on a cork mount and hung where it gets good air movement, bright light and frequent mistings.

This orchid is part of the E nanodes group and as such has been reduced in range, now only from Panama, the other countries specimens have been reclassified into the following species, Epidendrum congestum in Costa Rica, Epidendrum congestioides also in Costa Rica, Epidendrum oxynanodes from Colombia, Epidendrum schizoclinandrium from Peru, Epidendrum serruliferum in Costa Rica and Panama and Epidendrum uleinanodes from Brazil

Synonyms Epidendrum brevicaule Schltr.1922; Epidendrum discolor (Lindl.) Benth. 1896; Epidendrum gonzalez-tamayoi Hágsater 1993; Epidendrum neodiscolor Hágsater 1993; Nanodes brevicaule (Schltr.) Brieger 1976; Nanodes discolor Lindl. 1832; Nanodes schlechterianum (Ames) Brieger 1960

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