SUBGENUS Rhynchopera [Kl.] Luer 1986

Characterized by the well developed ramicauls that carry a petiolate based leaf and blooms with a simultaneously flowered, racemose inflorescence arising from the conspicuous, foliaceous spathe with an annulus below the abscission layer. The lateral sepals are connate and the petals are narrowly acute, The truncate base of the simple lip is firmly and broadly united to the short, pedestal-like foot of the column and is the most distintive feature of this subgenus. The column is cylindrical with an apical or subapical anther and stigma

TYPE species for the SUBGENUS

!Pleurothallis fastidiosa Luer 1977

  1. Pleurothallis aggeris Luer 1996 Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru

  2. Pleurothallis claudii Rchb.f. ex Dod 1978 Dominican Republic

  3. Pleurothallis dasypetala Luer & Hirtz 1996 Ecuador

  4. !Pleurothallis fastidiosa Luer 1977 Ecuador and Peru

  5. Pleurothallis loranthophylla Rchb. f 1852 Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia

  6. Pleurothallis micklowii Luer & R.Vásquez 1981 Bolivia

  7. Pleurothallis pedunculata (Klotzsch) Rchb.f. 1850 Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru

  8. Pleurothallis schweinfurthii Garay 1954 Peru and Bolivia