Lepanthes SUBGENUS Brachycladium Luer 1986

Vegetatively all the species are basically similar. They are divided into sections by the morphology of the flowers. First, the lip, then the sepals determine the sections. Lepanthes stalactites with a bilaminate lip and an appendix is a monotypic section, and L. nummularia with the minute lip hidden beneath the column now has a second member. The other species, too closely allied to suggest separating, are included in the third section.

Lepanthes subgen. Brachycladium sect. Brachycladae Rchb_f.

This section is characterized by a successively flowered raceme of very small flowers borne on top of the leaf. The minute lip is hidden beneath the column. The lip is pubescent, broadly ovate and concave with a transverse callus more or less filling the cavity.

TYPE species for the SECTION

  1. Lepanthes nummularia Rchb.f. 1856

  2. Andinia obesa S.V.Uribe & Karremans 2017

Lepanthes subgen. Brachycladium sect. Bilamellatae Luer 1994

This monotypic section is characterized by a successively seh raceme of small flowers borne on top of the leaf, similar in habit to L. nummularia. The lip is bilaminate with an appendix, similar to those present in subgenus Lepanthes

TYPE species for the SECTION

Lepanthes stalactites Luer & Hirtz 1987

Lepanthes subgen. Brachycladium sect. Amplectentes Luer 1994 This section contains all the species of the genus except for two that are segregated into monotypic sections. This section is characterized successive flowers that are held above the leaf by a short but ascending peduncle, and a the lip with incurved sides that more or less encircle or embrace the column

TYPE species for the SECTION

Lepanthes pilosella Rchbf 1886

The Species

  1. Lepanthes ariasiana Luer & L.Jost 1998 Ecuador

  2. Lepanthes auriculipetala [S.Vieira-Uribe & N. Gutiérrez] in ed Colombia

  3. Lepanthes cardiocheila Luer & R.Escobar 1994 Colombia

  4. Lepanthes catella Luer & R.Escobar 1983 Colombia

  5. Lepanthes caveroi D.E.Benn. & Christenson 2001 Peru

  6. Lepanthes chaoae (S.V.Uribe & L.Jost) J.M.H.Shaw 2017 Ecuador

  7. Lepanthes chelosepala [Luer & Hirtz] Pfahl 2013 Ecuador

  8. Lepanthes chilopsis Luer & Hirtz 2002 Ecuador

  9. Lepanthes ciliaris Luer & Hirtz 1994 Ecuador

  10. Lepanthes composita Luer & R.Escobar 1994 Colombia

  11. Lepanthes cordilabia Luer 2002 Ecuador

  12. Lepanthes dactyla Garay 1971 Colombia

  13. Lepanthes destituta Luer & R.Escobar 1988 Colombia

  14. Lepanthes erepsis Luer & Hirtz 1986 Ecuador

  15. Lepanthes exigua Luer & L.Jost 2002 Ecuador

  16. Lepanthes geminipetala Luer & J.J. Portilla 2002 Ecuador

  17. Lepanthes hippocrepica Luer & R.Escobar 1991 Colombia, Ecuador

  18. Lepanthes irrasa Luer & R.Escobar 1994 Colombia

  19. Lepanthes lueri [S Viera-Uribe & Karremans] in ed Colombia

  20. Lepanthes lunaris Luer 1994 Colombia

  21. Lepanthes lupula Luer & Hirtz 1984 Ecuador

  22. Lepanthes lynniana Luer 2002 Ecuador

  23. Lepanthes macrotica Luer & Dalström 1996 Ecuador

  24. Lepanthes micropetala L.O.Williams 1940 Colombia, Ecuador

  25. Lepanthes monilia Luer & R.Escobar 1983 Colombia

  26. Lepanthes octocornuta Luer 2002 Colombia

  27. Lepanthes ortizii J.M.H.Shaw 2016 Colombia

  28. Lepanthes pendens Garay 1956 Colombia

  29. Lepanthes persimilis Luer & Sijm 2002 Ecuador

  30. Lepanthes pholeter Luer 1994 Peru

  31. Lepanthes pilosella Rchbf 1886Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia

  32. Lepanthes platysepala Luer & R.Escobar 1994 Colombia

  33. Lepanthes pseudocaulescens L.B.Sm. & S.K.Harris 1934 Colombia

  34. Lepanthes ricii Luer & R.Vásquez 1994 Bolivia

  35. Lepanthes sibundoyensis (Kolan.) J.M.H.Shaw 2016 Colombia

    Lepanthes sp. 2 Aff viebrockiana

    Similar to L viebrockiana but the petals are wider, the lip has rounded apical lobes that then clasp and exceed the the column at the apex.

    Lepanthes sp.58

    Colombia aff hippocrepica

    Lepanthes sp.87


  36. Lepanthes tingomariana [A.G.Diaz & Mark Wilson] In ed. Colombia, Ecuador

  37. Lepanthes triangularis Luer 1994 Colombia

  38. Lepanthes tridactyla Luer 2002 Ecuador

  39. Lepanthes ursula Luer & R.Escobar 1994 Colombia

  40. Lepanthes viebrockiana Luer & L.Jost 1998 Ecuador

  41. Lepanthes vieira-pereziana [P.Ortiz] Pfahl comb. novo. Pfahl 2014

  42. Lepanthes villosa Lřjtnant 1977 Ecuador

  43. Lepanthes werneri Luer 2002 Ecuador